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In this post I will share my favourites for August, which is all about skincare.

Previous I posted about books I was reading, music I liked and series I was watching, but I felt like I wasn’t giving enough information about the favourites I picked.
From now on I will chose a favourite and share more specific information with you about what the product is, what you can use it for/do with it and why it is my favourite – this month it is LUSH.

LUSH skincare

Lush cosmetics

For any of you who don’t know LUSH cosmetics – here is some background information:

LUSH is created by Mark Constantine and Liz Weir. They met in the 1970s and started their own business selling natural hair, skincare and beauty products. Their business received the name LUSH in 1995 as a result of a name competition.
LUSH stands for being fresh, green and verdant.
After the start up in England, LUSH went international in 1996 when another shop was opened in Vancouver.

These days LUSH is a brand that fights animal testing, is 100% vegetarian, offers handmade products in environmentally-friendly packaging and helps those who need it most through several charity funds.

Interested to read more? Click here

The products

My favourite skincare products at the moment are CELESTIAL facial moisturiser and SOFTY foot cream


Skincare LUSH

The CELESTIAL facial moisturiser is for a sensitive skin.
The ingredients are all natural and include vanilla water, almond oil, almond milk, cocoa butter and a few others.

Skincare Celestial Facial Moisturiser from LUSH Skincare Celestial Facial Moisturiser from LUSH

You can find the exact details here.

The SOFTY foot cream helps to get your feet back to their best state.
The ingredients include water, almond oil, cocoa butter, lavender oil and more.

Skincare Softy Foot Cream from LUSHSkincare Softy Foot Cream from LUSH


The details for this products can be found here.

None of these products or ingredients where tested on animals.

Why are these my favourites?

The face- and footcream are my favourites because they keep my skin in good condition. When I moved to Australia, my skin had to go through a big change.
For my face, it was mostly the amount of sun and sunscreen which resulted in an emergency treatment. When your skin is exposed to the sun, it is very important to take extra care. And not alone in summer, the cold of the winter also made my skin desperate for some extra love. This face cream from LUSH definitely helped me out!

For my feet the biggest change was walking around without shoes 75% of the time. In Australia I either wear thongs (flip-flops) or walk around barefoot. The result of this is that my feet have to endure raw grounds. The best way to repay your feet after a long day is with this cream. It makes your feet soft again and the smell is delicious.

And an amazing coincidence – there was a big reopening of Lush in Vancouver. Their first ever international shop turned 20 and that had to be celebrated.

LUSH Cosmetics reopening Vancouver

See more about the new concept here

LUSH is an amazing brand. They not only have great products, they also work hard to make this world a better place.
So treat yourself and help LUSH at the same time – it’s a win win combination.


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  1. I’ve only ever tried Lush’s bath bombs, but I’ve heard great things about their skincare. I’ll definitely try your recommendations!

    1. Their products are amazing! And I love the message they are sending with it too – take care of yourself and others (such as our dear animals). I hope the products wil help you out!

  2. Hi Michelle – thanks for the recommendations – any thoughts on what I can get for my hands? They’re always super dry and I keep losing my hand cream tubes for some reason :/

    1. Hi there – No worries at all! Have a look here I know my sister loves the ‘helping-hands’, but for personal advise I would visit a shop. The people there can advise you and you can even try the different products to see what suits your skin best. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  3. Looks like cool products you’ve got there!

    1. I love them! They are amazing – can’t wait to expand my LUSH collection

  4. Love lush bath bombs!!! Have yet to try their other skin care products but I’ve heard good things!! Oh and your photos are lovely <3

    1. I have to get the bath bombs too! I know my sister loves them as well! Thanks for that girl!

  5. Wow, great post dear! So interesting review!
    Lovely photos. You have so interesting blog and I like it.
    Follow for follow? Let me to know on my blog.

    1. Thanks a lot! I like your blog a lot too, although I can’t read it – sorry for the language limitation!

  6. I love Lush products! Thanks for the review, I will check these out!!! 😘

    1. Not a problem at all! Hope you will love them as much as I do!

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