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Another month has passed, but not to worry, that means: monthly favourites!
September was all about upgrading this blog and my youtube channel and I could not have done this without my amazing stationery from Typo.



For those who don’t know Typo – Typo is part of the brand Cotton On.

Cotton on is a clothing brand that started in 1988 from the back of Nigel Austins car. The first shop was opened in 1991 in East Geelong, Australia.
Typo was launched in 2009 and is gifts and stationery orientated. 2009 was also the year that Cotton On shops were opened in the USA.

The Typo brand is the first of the Cotton On group to open in the UK, which happened in 2016.

The stationery Typo offers is unique, fun and affordable.
And you must think now, okay that sounds amazing! But can you please show me?
I sure can, let’s have a look!

If you want to see the unboxing, watch the video below.
The video starts at the unboxing of my Typo order – language is Dutch


My pick

The stationary I got is orientated on being organised and ‘getting-things-done’.
In this purchase from Typo I bought:
– 3 notebooks
– markers
– clipboard
– to-do list
– pencil case
– water bottle (which might seem random, but hold on, you’re going to love this one!)



Typo Notebooks


These notebooks come in several designs. The link is here.

Typo Notebooks Disney Theme


Typo To do list Get it done

Find the ‘Get it done’ pages here.

Typo Disney pencilcase

Disney pencil case is here.

Typo Disney notebooks



The notebooks have worked amazingly so far. I am so happy to have the right items to work on my blog.
I use them to write down my blogideas, to take notes during workshops and as a place where I can do my braindumps.
Writing everything down helps me such much, because it clears my head and keeps me focused.
And who doesn’t love the feeling of begin organized and most of all: ticking things off

For the water bottle – it reminds me to drink enough while working and admit it, the quote just makes you smile!

Typo drink bottle, Today every hour is happy hour

See all the different designs here.

For more ideas, check out Typo!

My wish list still has a few things on them, but they are for the next order.
Really thinking about buying a planner, not sure if I should go for a diary type or if I am better of with a A3-size planner.
Who has any tips to organize the week?

Lots of love,



  1. Heerlijk om te lezen en zo trots xxx

    1. Thank mummy xxxxx

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