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Last weekend I was part of the Sydney Running Festival, organised by Blackmores. It was one of the items on my bucket list and I am so happy to say that I was able to tick it off!


Blackmores Sydney Running Festival

The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival includes 4 different runs:
Sydney Marathon – 42 km
Half Marathon – 21 km
Bridge run – 10 km
Family fun run – 5 km

I participated at the Bridge Run. This was pushing myself a bit more, since all the previous runs I have done were 5 km, but not making it impossible.
My announcement about this run is specified here, but most obvious is the fact that it includes Sydney.
Sydney is without any doubt my favourite place in the world and running through it was an absolute dream. The Harbour Bridge is such an iconic view, as is the Opera House and the fact that these 2 are part of this run was what made me so excited.

On the day of the run the schedule is as follows:
Marathon start 6.00 am
Half Marathon start 7.00 am
Bridge Run start 8.00 am – THIS IS US
Family Run start 9.00 am

It was amazing to see how many people showed up and wanted to experience this amazing event.

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival


Blackmores Sydney Running Festival



8.00 am – Let’s go!
There were several groups A – B – C, depending on your planned finish time. I was in group B, which meant I planned on finishing my run between 55-65 minutes.

I tried to prepare myself in the best way possible. How did I do this?
I used a work-out schedule that was provided by Blackmores.
When you sign up for this event, you have the availability of a work-out schedule, which is set for your distance.
The schedule is for 10 weeks and counts down to the event date.

You can have a look at the schedule here:
Blackmores Bridge Run 2017 intermediate training program


My result

I officially passed the start line at 8.20 am and finished 1.05 hours later.

My time made me pretty happy, although I was aiming to finish within 1 hour – I DID IT ( and who really cares about those 5 minutes )
And we all have to keep in mind that running with so many people around you is so much more different than doing a run by yourself.
People stop in the middle of the road, some walk slower than you, some run faster.
It is a busy and overwhelming feeling to run with that many people, but it also, in my case, took a look of energy.
Adjusting, keeping an eye on others and at the same time looking after yourself, it is hard work

But I succeeded that is all that matters – my bucketlist item was to run through Sydney and to run a distance I had never done before and I can tick both off!


Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run 2017

Next year?


Next year again? Definitely!
I would love to do the run again next year, now I know what to prepare for.

GOAL for next year: 10 KM – within 60 minutes

Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Bridge Run 2017

If anyone attended, please let me know – I would love to hear your story and any tips on how to improve myself!


Lots of love,


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