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For everything is a first time and last weekend it was my first time in the snow in Australia.
And what an adventure it was!



For the snow we went to Thredbo, NSW. If you look at the map of Australia, Thredbo is located here:

Thredbo on the map of australia

The plan:

We left Friday morning at 2 am and were on the snowfields at 11 am.
On our way we stopped once for petrol, once to pick up hire stuff and have breakfast and once to set up our camp.
For me it was an easy drive, since I slept for almost the whole way – lucky me!

Since not all of us had all the snowboard gear, we stopped on the way to pick up the necessary stuff. We got everything from Rhythm. This shop is open 24 hours, which is perfect if you don’t know what time you are arriving.

For the weekend, we stayed at a campside 30 minutes from the snowfields. The accomodation, such as cabins, for the weekend was so expensive that we decided to camp.
We stayed at Jindabyne Holiday Park on an unpowered campside. It was a beautiful spot next to the lake and the facilities were perfect. It was all we needed for the weekend and this way we saved some money too.

So once you have the plan to go, the next questions will come up.

What to bring?

For the snow:
– Snowboard pants
– Wind- and waterproof jacket
– Thermo pants and shirt
– Scarf
– Gloves
– Goggles
– Snowboard and bindings
-Beanie or facemask

For the stay:
– Swag or tent
– Coldproof sleepingbag
– Pillow
– Warm PJs
– Toiletries (hairdryer to make sure your hair doesn’t freeze after showering!)
– Clean clothes
– Warm boots
– Thongs to shower
– Towel

Where to stay?

As I mentioned above, we stayed at a campside. This was purely because it was a cheap way to spend the weekend at the snow. There are obviously nicer places, but it all depends on what you like to spend, with how many people you go and for how long.
Other suggestions for stays are:

The accomodations at the snowfields – here

Rydges in Jindabyne – here

Holiday park where we stayed also offers cabins – here


These are just a few suggestions.

I hope this information is useful if you plan on going to the snow. I definitely recommend it, it is such a fun and also active way to spend a few days with your friends and family!


Lots of love,


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