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and welcome to a course of Australian slang.
The last 2 blogs were about new and old things in Australia and from home. I promised you here I would come back to the words and sayings I discovered in the periode I have been in Australia.

Even though I had English in school, Australian isn’t the same. Here are some of the most common phrases I heard that were new to me.


The list of Australian slang

Words that weren’t too shocking

Arvo – afternoon
Mate – this is your friend
Reckon – another verb for think
Thongs – flipflops

Unfamiliar as anything

Bloody – Very
Bottle-o – Bottle shop
Brekkie – Breakfast
Bub – Baby
Chrissy – Christmas
Fruitloop -Fool
Heaps – A lot
Lollies – Candy
Macca’s – McDonalds
Pokies – Poker machines
Ripper – Something really cool
Servo – Petrol station
Sunnies – Sunglasses
Tinny– Can of beer


Common used sayings

Cheers – Thanks/have a good day
Not too bad – This is what a lot of people say when you ask them how they are
No worries – It’s okay
She’s be right – It will all be okay
You’re a legend – Saying somebody is awesome

This is just a tiny bit out of the Australian sayings that I’ve experienced so far. It’s amazing how different people communicate, but somehow we always find a way to understand each other.


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