Hi there,


Today is the day I received my results from the IELTStest, try number 2.
My first try wasn’t enough, so I studied and studied to try and top it off.

I prepared with all that I could, you can read about that here

And this is the result:



Listening 8.0

Reading 7.5

Writing 6.0

Speaking 8.0


Overall 7.5


Not enough, no go on my visa application and I feel like all my dreams just shattered into a million pieces. I studied so hard for this and my writing even went down 0.5 points compared to last time.

At this moment I am so sad and disappointed about these numbers, I feel like I failed myself and my coach.

I needed at least 4 times 7, but studied for 4 times 8 and didn’t make it.

I won’t give up, I’ve cried and will continue to drop some tears, but I won’t stop here.

Still, these results stop me from putting out my visa application and that is the thing I worry most about. What if I can’t stay? What if after one year of building my new life, I have to come back?


And then, at exact that moment, while typing this down and expressing my doubt, my coach calls, as if she knew I needed some peptalk.

She too didn’t expect this, but tells me not to stop, not to give up, my English is good enough and I can do it – and I will!


Right now I am going to try and figure out what my next move will be – I’ll keep you posted and I hope you will keep on following me on this bumpy, exciting and scary ride.


Lots of love,



  1. Je kent mij niet maar ik kwam toevallig op je blog terecht. Balen van de IELTS, ken het gevoel. Je kan protest aantekenen. Dat heeft bij het schrijven mij een heel punt opgeleverd! Dus misschien het overwegen waard.

    1. Hi Remie,
      Leuk dat je reageert! Dankjewel voor de tip! Ik heb inderdaad van meer mensen begrepen dat schrijven een lastig onderdeel is en dat protest aantekenen kan helpen. Ik ben blij dat het jou uiteindelijk is gelukt! Ik hoop dat ik dat binnenkort ook kan zeggen!

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