Hi Dreamer,

After a few weeks of study-work-study, I am happy to say I AM BACK!



As you might have noticed, my blog posts over the last few weeks weren’t very special and honestly, I wasn’t all too happy about that.
Reason? I had unexpected exams that came up and studying for them took all my time.

So what happened? And what will happen?

In this post I explained why I had to do the exams. The exams were needed for me to show the CPA of Australia that I am qualified enough to work as an accountant in Australia. I had 2 exams, Business Finance and Financial Reporting and Accounting, on the 1st and the 15th of July.
For me, this meant to take a step back from everything and focus on passing these exams and I am very happy to share with you that I passed both exams!


That’s out of the way – no more studying! So what happens now?
The fact that I passed the exams means that, finally, my final visa application can be send out.
This is the very last step of making My Aussie Dream reality and I am so ready for this all to settle down.

Not knowing what is going to happen next, what you have to do next and where you’ll be can be exciting but also very exhausting.
My aim was to go to Australia and build my life here and I can’t wait until the moment I don’t have to worry about being send home.

The visa I am aiming to get is a work-sponsored visa. This basically means a company employs you and that allows you to stay in Australia. It is way more complicated than that, which is all explained here if you are interested in the exact details.


Last fase is here, which means my whole adventure of going to Australia has almost succeeded. Since I love sharing my story with you and want to keep on doing this, the content of this website will probably change around a bit.
No longer the struggles of realising a dream, but the story of actually living it.

I will share what I do here, tips when you want to visit and give you updates about my life.

It will really be My Aussie Dream and I hope you keep visiting me.


Lots of love,



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    1. I’m glad you like it! Hope to find you back here soon

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