Hi Dreamer,

Today it’s 3 months ago that I arrived in Australia for My Aussie Dream.
It has been amazing, challenging and sometimes surprising – I am definitely in a whole new world!


Since I’ve been here I experienced a lot of new things – new habits, new foods and new activities. I’ve summed up a few for you

New habits
– Always wear sunnies, even on a cloudy day (no ozone layer here guys!)
– Always wear sunscreen, which I don’t, so I can’t even count the amounts of times I got burnt in these 3 months
– Drink water out of the fridge, no tapwater, but cold, fresh water (always add icecubes too)
– Have a life outside of work, the day just starts at 6 o’clock

New foods
– Every day is a change to BBQ
– Jatz and hummus are the greatest invention of all times
-TIMTAMS, my all time favourite (and I promise if you send me a foodpackage of all the things I miss from home, I’ll send you timtams – and trust me, they’re so worth it)
– Meat pie and oh it’s good


New activities
– Quad riding through no-ones land
– Camping on the beach (or anywhere else, but the beach is just something extra)
– Boating over lakes and even wakeboarding (I think some of these activities have something to do with te fact that I am living with 3 boys, but still I have never done them at home, so they count as new things for AUS)
– Skydiving and diving, one I have done, the other is on the list, but I think we can conclude from this that Aussie makes you do crazy things you never though you would do!

New words
– Your friend is your MATE
– I think is I RECKON
– Afternoon is ARVO
– Your flipflops are your THONGS (no these are not undies!)
And honestly, I think I’ll write a separate blogpost about the words, because this list can go forever – promise!

New greetings
– How are you going? (and they dont expect you to answer, it is just saying hello – so confusing!)
– Hi mate (boy or girl, all good)

And honestly, it is awesome to be in a different environment and learn another culture and change up some habits – it’s a refreshing change and I love it!

Lots of love,



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