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Some of you might not find this an interesting subject, other might think ‘Well it was your own choice’ (which it was) and others are interested:
What is the price tag of this big adventure?


Money money money

First of all, I am not adding all of my expenses up to make it seem impossible or crazy expensive.
I am doing it so other people can learn from it, they know what to prepare for and hopefully be less surprised by some expenses then I was at the time.
Because seriously, it is a lot of money that goes into this.
But wauw, it is so worth it!

Secondly, the expenses that are mentioned here might not apply to your situation.
For example, I sadly had to do my English IELTS test 3 times and needed a coach, but maybe you are lucky and can succeed at the first go without any help.
It is just to show a little bit of in sight on what it costs to change your life.

So, what is on this list?

List of costs


The company that helped me with everything, did all my applications and made sure I had all the required information ready when I needed them.

Fee: € 3.875 EUR


Working-Holiday visa (subclass 417)

Fee: $444,31 AUD
(at the time €300,14 EUR)


Notary files

Certain files, such as passport, resume and school certificates need to be signed by a notary to show the authenticity of the documents when used in Australia
I needed 1 passport, 1 resume, 2 schoolfiles

Fee: € 181,50 EUR
(fees can be different, depending on the notary and city)


IELTS test and training

The test that shows your level of English

Fee The Netherlands 2016: € 205 EUR
(had to do this twice)

Fee Germany 2016: € 220 EUR
(this was the succesful one!)

Fee Training: € 420 EUR
(varies with needed training, amount of hours and institute)


Translation of schoolfiles

Needed for the CPA, which is the organisation that checks all my school certificates, who decide if I am qualified enough for a permanent work sponsored visa for the occupation of my choice – accountant

Fee: € 1016,40 EUR


CPA test

see above, check of my files

Fee: $ 520 AUD


Birth certificate

Birth information, prices vary in every city

Fee: € 12,80 EUR


Certificate of good conduct

Fee: €30 EUR


Flight to your dream destination

Sydney, Australia

Fee: € 789,03 EUR


Study debt previous job

This is a very personal debt, which not a lot of you will have. Deloitte gave me the great opportunity to study on their costs, with the condition I stayed there. Those costs reduce every year and mine where not all gone by the time I decided to move to Australia

Fee: € 4148,28 EUR


Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

The visa with which I get sponsored by a company that allows me to stay in Australia

Fee: $ 3600 AUD


Enough of the numbers, because as you can see, there are enough of those. Emigration is a big commitment and a thing that you don’t decide to do overnight. But in a way that is a good thing. I don’t want anybody to feel like the costs are stopping them, but it is an extra safety level to see how bad you actually want to do this and what it is worth for you – and believe me, if you want it, you can do it. It will take some extra work, cutting into your expenses on those beautiful clothes and saving that money for this, but it is your whole life and to me that is worth every cent.


Lots of love,



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