Hi there and welcome back to My Aussie Dream!

Last weekend was very special, since it was my first Australian birthday – turning 24.
Read here what we planned for the day – believe me, it was unforgettable!



It is a weird feeling to have your birthday coming up and not having your standard crowd around. I always celebrate this day with my best friend Ismenia and my family, so it was so weird not having them close for that. I miss them a lot, especially with a special day like this coming up.

Another thing that made me feel like my birthday wasn’t coming up any time soon, is the fact that it is winter here. My birthday is always during summer holidays and a lot of people are away. This year it’s different – everybody is home and are ready to party!

So what did we do for my birthday?

We made big plans for my day. It is the first time in Australia, so we celebrated Aussie style: we went to the races. The horse races are a big thing in Australia and since I had never been to one, my birthday seemed like the perfect occasion. We went to Kembla Grange. Everybody dresses up, throws in some bets and is enjoying a lovely day out – and a lovely day it was!
I had such an amazing time, got spoiled and most important, was surrounded by a great group of people. Thanks to every one for making my first Aussie birthday unforgettable and a big shout out to my boyfriend, who got me a ‘Holland’ bike to keep my Dutch vibes going.
See you all next year!

Lots of love,


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