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Welcome back on the blog! And welcome to a new year: 2018!

First of I want to wish you all the best for this new year. And may your wildest dreams come true.
Secondly I will shortly tell you what I will be sharing in this first post of the year.

I will tell you my plan and expectations of 2018. What will be happening in the next 12 months?
Are you curious about my 2018? Keep reading!

20180105 THE PLAN



A quick look back on 2017. Wow, what an amazing year was that. I sometimes still feel like I am dreaming. Living in Australia and doing all the things I’ve been doing. It is absolutely amazing. A few of my highlights from 2017:

  • Getting a job
  • Attend 2 weddings
  • Holiday on Moreton Island
  • Passed 2 CPA exams
  • Ride a quad, a jetski, go snowboarding, diving and wakeboarding for the first time
  • See kangeroos in the wild
  • Celebrate NYE in Byron
  • More camping trips than ever, Byron, Kylies Beach, Blacksmiths, Lake St Clair, Thredbo
  • First Australia Day
  • My very first car

2017, you were great. And Australia, you are responsible for making it a great year!


Resolutions for 2018

As most people do, I made resolutions for 2018. I made a list of things that I want to accomplish this year.
These resolutions include financial goals, work goals and health goals.

These goals are personal and I rather not share them here. They are for me to keep growing, to keep my mind focused on what I want and to make my life better step by step.
However, what i do want to share is my plan. The plan of 2018.

2018: The plan

The plan of 2018 includes all the adventures that are planned for this year. Get excited!
I have some amazing things planned for 2018 and I thought it would be great to share it with you. My second year in Australia just started and here is what it will have in store for me so far:


Starting the year of right with Field Day 2018.
This festival takes place in Sydney and is on the 1st of January. Music, drinks and dancing to start 2018!

Besides this it is mostly getting back to work and the gym and getting ready for the next adventure – see below


The 17th of this month will be a big one, my parents and sister will arrive in Australia. This will be there first time ever for them to visit Australia and I look forward to showing them my life here. I haven’t seen them since I left in 2016, so it will be both exciting and emotional to see them again!

They are staying for 4 weeks of which I have 2 weeks off to spend with them.
Their stay will take place in Sydney to start off with and then we’re are off to another city in March, keep reading to find out…


This month I will take my parents, sister and boyfriend to Cairns for some Australian adventures.
The main highlight will be the Great Barrier Reef, but I know Cairns has more in store than just that and I can’t wait to explore it all with them.

If you have any tips for Cairns – please let me know in the comments so I can include it in our trip!

And that is not the only thing for March, I will also attend the Hot Dub Wine Machine Festival. It was so good last year, that we are going back for round 2.


The voucher for Quad biking on Stockton Beach will be used this month. I am so excited for more beach adventures. As many of you probably know, the beach is my favourite place ever, so I can’t wait for this experience.

After this nothing is planned until:


I am turning 25 years old in this month. What?! A quarter of a century!
I can’t wait for a big party to celebrate this age.
25 feels like a big one, since you are halfway through your twenties and halfway along to your thirties.
It will be a great one!


P!nk LIVE! For this month we have tickets to see P!nk live. I have seen her concerts on TV that many times and I am so curious to finally see her live for myself.


One more thing that will happen is:


Yes you read that correct. For Christmas I received the amazing gift to go shark diving with my boyfriend and his family.
I am scared and excited at the same time.


As you can see, 2018 has some incredible things waiting for me. The most important thing of this whole year will have nothing to do with activities, but has everything to do with my life in Australia.


You all know that I moved to Australia in 2016, still my visa hasn’t been approved. I applied for it in 2017, but the waiting time is between 7 and 10 months. This month we will be 7 months in and I hope that I will hear back from the Australian government soon, so I can really start settling down.

Fingers crossed and let’s cheers to another Aussie year!


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  1. We see you soon. We can’t wait to hug you xxx.

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