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Finding a new job in a new country is probably one of the main ‘to-do’s’ on your list when you are moving.
This can be for several reasons, it might be a requirement for your visa or it’s simply to earn money.
Whatever the reason is, a job needs to be found.
So how do you do this when you are in an unknown environment?

My Aussie Dream - Job Interview


In one of my previous post I explained all about find a job in Australia. I talked about preparations, applying from home as well as once arrived in the country.
So you have done all this. You prepared yourself, have looked around and then you get it – you are invited to a jobinterview.

And then?


You are invited to the interview. So how do you prepare yourself to make this a success?

The business

First off, as for any interview, have a read about the business. Google them and see what comes up, have they been in the news recently etc?
Look up their website and read what they do and quickly have a look at their team to see who you might run into.
You could even look up the person who is interviewing you, if you know, and see if you have anything in common that’s worth mentioning during the sit down.
Another important thing to do is to look them up on social media. See what they post about, how big they are etc.


Then focus on yourself. There are a few things that you need to think about.
First of, your resume, is there any information on there that they might ask you about? Any experiences that they might want you to explain further? Prepare a little story for each of your past jobs, where you quickly explain what you did there, what your responsibilities were and why you stopped working there.

Secondly, your qualities. The interview is basically to convince the other party that you are the person who they are looking for. But why? Answer the question ‘Why should they hire you?’ And include your good qualities in this answer as well as learning point of which you are aware. (For example that you are a perfectionist and this some times makes it hard for you to prioritise, this shows that you work with care, but are aware of your downfalls)

Next up is our outfit. Overdo it just a little bit. Take that bit of extra effort to look your best self. Not only for representation, but it also shows that you take your interview and the job seriously.


The most important part is to practise. Especially if it’s the first interview that you are doing in a different language. Just try and explain yourself, select the events that you want to talk about and find right words to describe these. This prevents you from blacking out during the interview.
It also eases your mind. You know what to say, you know how to answer the questions – so let’s do this.


I did it

With all that is mentioned above, I actually succeeded in my first interview in Australia. By preparing myself and making myself known with the business, my resume and the language I was able to successfully have my first English job interview. The result:




I hope the tips above will help you preparing for your job interview.

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