Hi Dreamer,

In this blog I want to share something personal with you. The realisation how amazing life is and how you can create your own sunshine.


It is Sunday morning and after an amazing Saturday, we are on our way for another bucket list activity.

The little things in life they say, that’s what makes the difference.
Do I agree? – To a certain level.
But I think every now and then you have to do something big in order for those little things to cross your path.

Always doing the same might be what some people feel comfortable with and that is fine. But I wanted more. I want to live life to the fullest, take everything I can get and do everything I could possibly dream of.

For that to happen, something big had to change. By changing this, all the little things started to change as well and all of a sudden, the little things mattered too.

This all leads back to my Australian adventure. The desire to visit this country has been there as long as I remember. After graduating uni and finding the perfect ‘grown-up’ job there was one more thing I wanted to do before my serious life would take off – visit Australia.

And that I did. 5 weeks I travelled, by myself and in a group, I explored, did things I never thought I would do and fell in love.

I fell in love with Australia and oh, I still am.

The beauty, the nature, the sun, the beaches and the people – like no other

It started. The desire from visiting changed to living. This is what home feels like. This is home.

The move was the big change I had to go through in able to get all the little happy moments.

Happy moments like having the beach 10 minutes away, having warm weather most of the year, beautiful views everywhere and most of all – live like every day is your last.

That sounds dramatic, but I honestly experienced that Aussies out of everybody I met live life to the fullest. So maybe that is what drew me to this country.

Life and living – love and loving – care and caring

To the fullest

With all you have

Making a big change in order to let the little things matter – and they matter.

This is what my Aussie dream is all about.

To live life with no regrets, the fullest, happiest, craziest. The most magical, beautiful and memorable life there is to live – and you can do that too. Follow your dream, make that change and everything will matter again

Lots of love,


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