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It’s is becoming a thing on Monday to share some extra (emigration) stories with you. A few weeks back I shared the amazing blog about you, and me and us, the millennials.
Did you miss it, have a look here.


Last week it was Alex’s turn to tell us about London, read it here.

This week I have Chloe’s and Abbey’s story – Chloe will share more about London, whereas Abbey chose the US as her new home.

Keep reading for their emigration adventures.


Other stories

I thought it would be interesting to hear other peoples stories, but not just hear them, also to share them with you.
You can use them for inspiration, read them out of interest or as a way to discover that you are not the only one with this dream.

Introducing this week:

Chloe Wong, from Travelling in Pink, who moved from China to the UK.

Abbey-Rose Fieken, from PureSafeBenefical, who made the move from Australia to the US



Chloe’s story:

My name is Chloe, I grew up in Hong Kong and I moved to Leeds, U.K. on my 16th birthday. I moved with my mother and my sister. My dad would come and visit us as often as he can, since he works in Hong Kong. We decided to move for both me and my sister’s studies. In Hong Kong I always participated in theatre shows and I have a huge passion for drama and theatre. I went on to be King Claudius from Hamlet performing in one of Hong Kong’s best theatre company in front of thousands of people.
I managed to share my passion for the arts on national television. However, growing up underneath the strict Asian values, I felt like an outcast, at school and in society.
Most people would not value the arts and told me to scrape my dreams and focus on reality. I never knew what I wanted to be until I moved to England.


I departed from Hong Kong International Airport at 12 am on the 14th of July, I waved my friends goodbye and headed straight towards Dubai for a layover.
Everything was so eye-opening, not to mention it was also very hot. I’ve only been to England when I was really young, like a few years old. Certainly, I would not remember anything, my mum does have pictures from our holiday in London and Cardiff that she would sometimes embarrass me with. I was not scared at all when I stepped on my final flight from Dubai to Manchester, I was hopeful. I hoped that I will finally be able to perform.


Moving was difficult, I think it was very hard to say goodbye to my best friends and having to start over in a different country. I stayed in Leeds, which is North of England. It was so shocking to me because I never really knew what to expect. I used to watch a lot of U.S. TV Shows and that’s how I saw England. It wasn’t! The slang, the places, the food, it was all very different to me. However, once I have embraced the culture, I was immediately friends with everyone.

New home

I love England, everyone is very accepting, I went on the study creative and media and went to university studying culture and creative industries in London. Now I am living in London with a job in digital marketing. Doing my Instagram/blog on traveling and showing the world to others really does make me happy.
I also met my boyfriend here in London and he is very supportive of what I have accomplished.
With moving, it is always hard. My advice is to embrace the culture, don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to make the first step and say hi and listen to what people have to share to you and in return, you can share your culture with them.
Want to learn more about Chloe’s story – check her blog out here.



Abbey’s story:

My name is Abbey-Rose.
At the age of 18 I moved from Australia to the US, where I have been living for 2 years now. Moving to another country was a no brainer for me. I had always thought of myself as a bit of a gypsy. I chose to live my life in the US because I believe that me and my partner can build a better life for ourselves here. We want to raise a family at some point in the future and the education system is, in our opinion, better in the US. Therefore we believe that our children will have better options being born in the US, compared to Australia.


One of the hardest things about moving from Australia to the US was leaving behind my family and everything I had ever known.

New home

The best part about living where I do now is being able to learn everything all over again.
The best thing I have learnt is driving on the opposite side of the road. It was so tricky at first but now it’s like second nature!
The process of moving and starting over was difficult, you never realise how different each country is.
In saying it was difficult, it was the best journey I ever went on!


A tip for future travelers, make sure you do your research and know everything you need to know about the country you’re moving to.
I didn’t think about how expensive it is for immigration paper work and I underestimated how long the process is. I wish I educated myself more on the immigration aspect of moving here.

Check out more about Abbey here.


I want to thank these girls for sharing their stories and I hope it is an inspiring and helpful story for whoever is trying to build a life in a new country.


Are you ready to move? Comment below and let me know your thoughts on moving to a different country!


Lots of love,


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