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Last week I was lucky to share the amazing news with you. I became a Permanent Resident of Australia.
This week I’ll explain more how this changes my day to day life.

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Okay we’re all excited about this Permanent Residency, but what does it mean? What advantages does it give someone?

I’ve got a list – a big list – of my advantages. And it’s pretty good!

Permanent Residency means that you are a permanent resident of, in this case, Australia, but not a citizen. A holder of a Permanent Residency visa is allowed to stay in Australia indefinitely – in my words FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

And what does that give you?



Besides the fact that you can stay in Australia, there are some other rules that change. One of them is your work situation. Or to be more specific, your weekly (fort-nightly) pay.

When you become an Australian Permanent Resident, your status obviously changes from Temporarily to Permanent. This means that you will no longer pay tax as a ‘visitor’ of the country, but as a resident.

In combination with this, you might be eligible to claim the tax-free threshold, which means the first $18,200 of your yearly income isn’t taxed.

More specific details are found here.

And yes, this will actually make you see dollar signs!


The health system in Australia is different than in The Netherlands. Australia provides free health insurance, Medicare and gives you the option for paid private healthcare.

Medicare is available for temporary and permanent residents of Australia
Read all details on Medicare for temporary residents here.

The Permanent Resident gets more from Medicare than a temporary resident. What is the main difference?

The main difference is that you are able to get the care that you need the same way as any other Australian. Without any unexpected bills or declined services. It is all there for you now too.

One of those are the Centrelink payments, which include several benefits as Emergency Recovery Payment, Parental Leave Pay and Sickness Allowance.
Overall, it makes life a bit more relaxed !


And besides the main benefit, MONEY, there are a lot of other great things that come from this.
One of the things that I thought was pretty cool, is that you can travel, work and study in New Zealand when you are a permanent resident of Australia.
I can see a trip to New Zealand coming up!!

And most of all, you can continue the life that you started building, you can make it true, you are living what you fought for and you can enjoy the country that you picked for the rest of you life.

It doesn’t get better than that – although there are a few things you don’t get, but do they really matter?


After hearing everything that you do get, you must be wondering what you don’t get? Well here are some of the things that you don’t get by receiving your Permanent Residency:

  • you are not allowed to vote in federal or state/territory elections
  • you are not entitled to an Australian passport

But how about keeping your European and being able to stay in Australia? I would say it’s the best of both worlds!


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