Hi Dreamer,

I am so glad you are here! The fact that you are here means that you made the decision to move to Australia. Or maybe you are still in the process of making your decision?
Do you need any help with your decision? Have a look at my story and let that help you decide.
This post also includes a freebie, so make sure you check it out!

First off I want congratulate you for deciding to move to this amazing country. This will be a life changing experience and I am so happy that you came here for help.
The process can be overwhelming sometimes and that’s where this blog and all its content comes in. As with everything you do, your journey starts with the preparation.
Preparing yourself in the right way takes away so much unneeded stress and makes it possible for you to enjoy while making it happen.

I want to help you to get prepared. I want you to learn from my mistakes and most importantly, I want help you to make your move a success.

So where do you start with your preparation?


The start of the preparation

When I made my decision, I honestly had no idea where to start. I spent day and night on the internet, scrolling through hundreds of pages trying to find the information I was looking for. Was this helping? Not at all. Most pages didn’t give me any answers. In the contrary, they left me with more questions. I started to wonder – can I actually make this happen?

The answer to that is yes.

Yes you can, you just need to know where to look.
And the fact that you found my blog will hopefully take away your sleepless nights and useless scrolling online.

My biggest win in terms of online research is the following. And in my opinion, it is save to say that finding this was as if I unsuspectingly found a $100 note in my bag – and who doesn’t love that?


The goldmine of searches

After a few sleepless nights and a sore thumb I found it. The Emigration Expo that was going to take place at the 13th and 14th of February 2016.

This was like finding gold. An expo is the perfect way to gather information that is actually helping you. Why?
The people and businesses there know what they are talking about. Their information is specified on the current situation and laws that apply, whereas internet can be outdated or generic.

Visiting the expo was a life-changing experience itself. For me, it was that final tick off on my decision to move.
Visiting an expo will probably do a few things for you. Here’s what it did for me and why you should go too.

  1. You are not alone
    Going to an expo gives you a view, literally, of how many others are out there with the same desire. This makes you feel part of something.
  2. Helpers
    There are so many companies that are either specified in emigration or have a department that is specified for it. They have all the information to help you and only you. It is their job to work thing out for you and my advise is: use them! Use the helpers at the expo, ask them everything you want to know and make sure you walk out there knowing enough to start the rest of your process.
  3. It is possible
    The expo will also make you realise that it is possible for you to do this. Personally this was my biggest struggle. The lack of information I had beforehand and the fact that I did feel alone made me doubt if I could pull it off. Seeing all the other people, combined with all the specialists made me realise, I can do it. And so can you.


Your expo is right here

This emigration expo is in The Netherlands, but there are emigration expos everywhere in the world. I have a few examples listed here:

For the Dutchies: Emigration Expo Houten

For The UK: DownUnderLive and Emigrate2


The day of the expo

Expo-day! My advise for the day is to gather all your questions and write them down. This way you are prepared and you know what you are after.
Knowing what you want to get out of the day makes it easier to pick out the people you want to talk to and also the workshops you want to visit.
And it is a very helpful way to reflect at the end of the day. You have your questions and answers all written down and you then also know where to start with your process.

If you pop in your email address here, I’ll send you a checklist with handy questions to ask..

Another piece of advise I would like to give you is this: bring someone with you to the expo. If nobody can come, don’t let it stop you from going, but it is helpful to have someone there. I took my dad with me and it helped me a lot. He looked after me when I was too overwhelmed by all the information, the people and the to-do-list that I was already creating in my head. He also asked questions to me about how I would like to do things and where exactly in Australia I wanted to live etc. It is a great way to get through your plan and also to not miss out on the opportunity to ask a specialist for their advise.

Taking someone with you will help you to get the most information in the short time that you have. And besides the fact that the other person might be very helpful, I also thought it was an amazing day to spend with my dad.

Best thing at the expo

The expo is your biggest information source, so that is a general great thing about it. But the very best thing I found at the expo was a team. Yes, a team. A team of specialists that want to help me with my emigration process. In my case, this was Visa4You, but I am 100% sure there are similar companies out there for your country.

So why is this the best thing?

They have the knowledge and contacts that you don’t to make this emigration process a success. As said before, the information on the internet isn’t always accurate and it is difficult to filter through all that is out there. Having a company work for, but mostly with you on your emigration has so much advantages. Here is why I worked with someone:

  • Knowledge – They know everything and if they don’t, then it is their job to get to know it and tell you.
    The great thing about this is that you don’t waste time on working things out that other people already know. They have their knowledge ready for you to use, so use it!
  • Contacts – They have them. Most likely they have done the process before, therefore they know who to contact for what.
    This saves you time again, but also keeps you from making mistakes and going from one place to another.
  • Completeness – And this one is the most important one. They can tell you exactly what documents you need, when you need them and the costs of gathering them. This way every application or piece of paper that you have to provide for your visa will be done correctly. This again saves you time, but also money.

And let me tell you one thing. If there is something you don’t want to waste while doing this project, it is money. Because you will need to spend a fair bit. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just makes you want to be sure that you are spending it on the right things.

I would totally advise you to invest money in a team to help you, then trying to do this on your own. Not only will it take up all your precious time, which you rather spend with family, since you will probably leave them behind, but also the money you will spend on things you don’t need or have to do over.


I hope this was helpful and make sure you check out the question checklist here!



Thank you again for being here and working hard to make your dream reality. Did you end up going to an expo? Let me know in the comments below!
Also, feel free to ask any questions. I want to create the best content possible, but I need your help. So write your questions in the comments and I will make sure they get answered.


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