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This post will help you on all the why’s and how’s when it comes down to your emigration to Australia.
It explains this website and tells you where you can find the information that you are looking for.
Do you need help with your decision? Or are you not sure what visa you should apply for? Keep reading and find the information here.


We are all working very hard to get our lives sorted. However, we always have a dream about something else.
And if you are here, it is very likely that your dream is to move to Australia.

If this is the case I would love to be your source of information, motivation, inspiration and help your realisation of this amazing dream.


All the practical information that you need to know on all the important things like tests and costs.

In this part of the blog you find the real information that you can’t find anywhere else. I always felt like searching online never gave me the real information I needed. It was either too complicated to understand or different sites were telling me different things. Click here to explore the subjects that I’ve laid out for you.


My personal story and all the reasons why you should do it, including tips to make this happen and saying goodbye.

This part of the blog is personal. It has my story with all the details on how I dealt with everything. From saying goodbye, to quitting my job, to all the true story of being out of your comfort zone etc. Read here to see all my personal tips to make your live easier. 

Moving away from friends and family, from your secure environment can be scary, exciting and sad. But trust me, if you want it, it is totally worth it.




The big answer to how and all the ins and outs on visas and job searches.

In my opinion, the big question is how do we go about realising this dream?
What do we do? How will we get there? After making the decision and reading tips, the real question still remains – how do I start and make this happen?

This part of the blog is dedicated to help you and to answer these questions. I share everything you need to know about starting your journey, how to prepare yourself, gathering the right information on visas and setting yourself up once you have moved.

Read everything about realising your dream here



The story of others that have moved to Australia and from Australia.

This part of the blog include guest posts. These are stories of other people who have moved and started their lives over. But also stories about people who quit their job to follow their dream, which will be something that you might have to do too. These stories are a great read to realise that you are not alone and also that all this is possible. Others have done it before you and there is no reason why you couldn’t do it either. All their stories are featured here.


If you have any other questions, please comment below and I will answer your question to the best of my ability.

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