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English is one of the main languages in the world. English is also the native language in Australia. Therefore when you move, you are required to show your knowledge of the English language.
But how do you get this knowledge?

In this post I will share the best ways to improve your English.



Reading in English one way to improve your language.
It improves several areas of your knowledge:

Word range
When reading books, newspapers or blogs you will learn new words. Other people use other words than you do, therefore you will come across different words. These different words will then be familiar to you and with that expand your range of words.

For example if you always say ‘My job is …’ and you read about people saying ‘My occupation is…’ it will expand and also upgrade your language knowledge to a more professional level.

Grammar and spelling

Using reading to improve your language will also help with grammar and spelling.
Seeing the words will help you to get a grip on how words are spelled out. What words need capitals, how words are written and how they are used.

The usage of words is very important when you want to improve your skills.
Where are words placed in a sentence, what words are often used with another.
Learning this will make it easier to form your own sentences in the right order.



Watching in English is another efficient way to increase your knowledge. This activity gives you the ability to improve your listening skills as well as speaking.


By watching in English you will get better to understand people when they are talking to you. You will start to recognise words once spoken too.


Hearing words while watching in English will help you to learn how words are pronounced. This will improve your speaking skills, because it will teach you how words are being spoken. The sounds will start getting familiar and therefore you will get better at speaking.


Combining reading and watching is the best way to improve your English. You will see the spelling and hear the pronunciation and therefore get the maximum result when it comes to your English language knowledge.

So get your Netflix, change the language to English, put on the English subtitles and watch your favourite series while improving your English.



The last, but most important way to improve your English is to do it. Practise your knowledge. Try to describe your day in English, explain your favourite holiday in English or maybe even start ordering your food in English. Once you start using English for the every day things, you will start to feel more comfortable to use it for your job, important phone calls and visa related communication.

Maybe even find a friend who’s first language is English. Tell them to help you to improve your English. That’s what I am doing. Even though it can be frustrating sometimes, it is a great way to keep stepping up and get better. And it is a fun time for them to tell you that, once again, you pronounced that words oh so funny!


Speaking a fair bit of English will make your move more enjoyable, since it will ease communication with new people. But there is another important reason why you want your English knowledge to be the best of your capability. Curious what that reason is? Read more here.


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