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This week I want to give you an update on my visa process. Last time I talked to you about this, I was happy to announce that I passed my exams.
You can read all about that here.
The update now will be about the steps I have taken from that moment and what still needs to be done.



After passing the exams, my visa application was send in. This means that my request for the work sponsored visa has been send to the Australian government to review.
In the meantime, me and my manager at work put in a request for me to keep on working at my current job, while waiting to hear back from the government.
This request needs to be send, because on my current visa (Working-Holiday) I am only allowed to work for one company for 6 months.
How this visa works and why I chose for this visa is explained here.
After those 6 months I either move on or arrange a different visa, with which I can continue working. We are currently in the process of getting my ‘follow-up’-visa and it is very exciting!

Visa result

The visa is what this whole process is about. It allows me to stay in Australia and that is my dream and what we’ve been working on for that last 18 months.
The visa application has been send in and with that the waiting begins. I can’t wait for the moment that the confirmation arrives that says YES
YES – it has been approved
INDEED – you can stay
YES – my dream came true

But before that happens, there are 2 more things I need to do.
Firstly I need to complete a medical test via Bupa Medial Visa Services.
The reason that I need to undertake a medical test is because the Australian government wants to confirm that I don’t carry anything that could infect the current residents.

Secondly I need to gather 2 records, one from Australia and one from The Netherlands with the confirmation of good behaviour. This is to confirm again that I am not a risk to the current residents in Australia.

The results of these 2 tests will be added to my visa application and that will result in the final desicion – can I stay?



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