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Today I will tell you more about what happens if you partner up with a company to help you through your emigration process. I found my team at the emigration expo.

Do you want to know more about this expo? I wrote an article here about how I experienced a day at the expo, so feel free to have a look and see if visiting an emigration expo is something that might help you as much as it helped me! It was a life-changer for my process.

Have you already been to an expo, but you’re not too sure about getting your help team? Then this article is here to help you make the right choice.

VISA 4 YOU part one

Why do you need a team?

That is probably the first thing that you are asking yourself right now. Why would you need help? Well there are a few reasons why I found that having a team helping me was the best decision, besides moving to Australia, I ever made.

In my article about the emigration expo I already pointed out a few great advantages, being:

  • knowledge
  • contacts
  • completeness

These 3 things are so powerful, because it saves you time and money. Both these things are precious,. Your time is worth so much, because you are leaving soon. You want to spend your time with your loved ones, not behind a computer working out what to do next. And then there is money. I will address this separately in a post, but your money is worth a lot in this process, since it is your key to moving. There are costs attached to basically anything.
This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have a lot of money, that you can’t do it. You sure can!
You just need to save money where you can, meaning you don’t want to spend it on the wrong things. And that is where your team comes in. They know what your need, the costs and most importantly what you don’t need. That way you won’t waste time and money doing unnecessary job, which makes your process of moving as easy as it can be.


My experience

During my journey, having a professional team helping me, was amazing. They help you with so many things that you wouldn’t even think of yourself.
The most important piece of the puzzle that they bring in is your plan.

These professionals know what it takes to move to another country and have done the process before. Therefore they know what you need to do and can give you structure.
They will help you with:

  • your choice of visa
  • the time plan, when will you move
  • your to do’s, what needs to be done before you go?
  • what are things that you have to do when you arrive?
  • the required paperwork and costs
  • anything else you need help with

This meeting was planned on the 19th of April 2016. I share this with you, so you get an idea of what you can expect in your situation, but also to prepare you if you have planned an interview with your team.



I will start with a little introduction. If you are not specifically interested in Visa4You, but more in the information that they provided me, scroll down to the next paragraph where I will be talking about the meeting and everything we discussed. If you are interested in Visa4You or are considering to hire them, read this to get a better view of what they’re all about.
Visa4You is, as the name can tell, a company that helps people with their visa. But believe me, it is not just that, there is more!
Visa4You assisted me with my emigration process, from gathering documents, to choosing a suitable visa and helping me plan out my move to Australia.
They saved me a lot of time and money, because they know what needs to be done and what doesn’t.

Visa4You also provided me with a few other opportunities, such as writing articles for magazines to inspire other people, you can read them here and here. And they gave me the opportunity to be a speaker at one of their expo-days, read here. I loved this as I am really passionate about people and their dreams. I want to help and inspire you and anyone else who is out there and trying to do this same thing. Moving to Australia is big, scary and everything you don’t know, but it is amazing at the same time. And by sharing my story, I hope to show others that it is not just a dream, but it is possible. You can do it and here is how:

Curious how I found Visa4You? Or how you can find your own team? Read it here

The meeting

My meeting at Visa4You was with Hester. At Visa4You they assign one person to help you during your process, this way it is more personal and you always know who to go to with your questions. In the confirmation of our meeting, Hester asked me to send her some information that she needed to prepare our meeting. The information that she requested was the following:

–          Certificates, such as school diplomas

–          Resume

–          Name, address, age, email, telephone number

–          Copy of my passport

This information was used to set up my profile. Based on this profile, Hester prepared a list of visa options. This was very helpful for me, because there are so many visas out there, but it is so hard to pick the one that works for you.

Picking out your visa is the main thing. The visa is what allows you to enter Australia, but more importantly, allows you to stay there. Therefore it is very important that you know your options and know why you want to move. My vision was to move to Australia as an independent individual, therefore my visa options included work-sponsored visas. Whereas some people move to live with their partner, in which case you can look at partner-visas.

My list consisted of the next things:


The visa

For me, we found out quickly that I needed a sponsored visa. The independent ones require a certain amount of points that you need to get, to be able to apply for the visa in the first place. This point system is based on age, work experience, your education and the level of English.

Looking at my point schedule below, I wasn’t going to be able to meet up with the required 60 points for the independent visa.

All the specific in and outs about the point system is explained here.

My points

If we would look at my situation, my rating would be the following:

Age: 25 points

Experience: 0 points (I have work experience, but not at the level I will be working at in Australia, so Hester put down a 0 to be safe)

Education: 15 points

English: 20 points (When getting 8 out of 10 points on the 4 sections at the IELTS test) More about the IELTS test below and here

In order to get 60 points, which is the minimum for an independent visa, I have to score 8 out of 9 on the 4 sections of my IELTS (English test). Even if I do get the minimum of 60 points, it will be very unlikely for me to be picked out. The reason for this is the fact that the visa-applications are approved to the people with the most points first.
The total group of people who apply are divided in sub-groups, depending on their occupation. This means that I am in the sub-group of ‘the accountants’.
In Hesters experience, there will be a lot of people with higher scores, who will be picked out first, leaving me without a vise.

Conclusion: no independent visa for me.

The sponsored visas

Now we have established that the independent visa won’t be my go, we’ll have a look at some other options: the sponsored visas.

I wasn’t too excited about this idea, because these visas are connected to work. This means if for some reason you don’t continue to work at the company that sponsored your visa, your visa will be stopped and you have to leave Australia. On the other hand, it could work out as an advance for the company that is hiring you. They know they can rely on you for the next 2 years. I experienced that companies see this as a good thing. They invest in you, so you can invest in their company. So how does it work?

In order for me to get the sponsored visa, there are a few steps I need to take:

  1. Finish my current study, this is probably not for everybody. But I have 2 more exams before I finish my Post-Bachelor degree. Adding this study to my resume will give me more chances for getting a job. Therefore it is important to me personally to finish this and expand my options for a job and a visa;
  2. Do the IELTS test, this is an English test. This test will show your level of English. In order to send the visa-application out, I need to get a 7 at all 4 sections of this test. The sections are listening, reading, writing and speaking. If you need more details about preparations and the test, read this blogpost which includes preparations and my first try. The date for my first test was set on the 25th of June 2016;;
  3. Find a job that will sponsor me with the visa;
  4. Put out my application for the visa.

My personal plan

How do you start planning and making your way to the visa?

The first thing I focused on was the study part. I knew I was able to do the IELTS test before the move, so I rather wanted it out of the way.
I would advise to start with the things that you can do before you leave and let go of the things that are easier to do once you’re there.
Before my move I already started looking for jobs, which was a waste of my time. Why? I write more about my job-hunt here.

For now, let’s focus on the ‘before-the-move’-things:

The ‘before-the-move’-things mostly consists of gathering documents. This is very important, since most documents either need to be picked up by you personally or need to be signed by a ‘home’-institution, for me a Dutch institution. Therefore it is so much easier to arrange all this before the move. And it makes you life a lot easier once your overseas and ready to apply – all the documents are there and ready to go.

Visa4You helped me with putting together the list of documents I needed for the visa-application. I was up to me to gather the documents, to get them sorted and provide them to Visa4You. They will make sure the files will end up in the right hands.

The ‘before-the-move’-list consisted of the following things:

–          Certified copy passport;

–          International birthcertificate;

–          Certified copy certificate and gradebook;

–          Transcript education;

–          Resume signed by a notary;

–          IELTS-test, passed on academic level by a minimum of 7 points on the 4 sections.

This is the start. The first baby-steps to your emigration. I know it looks like a lot and I have definitely felt overwhelmed, more than once! But remind yourself – you are not alone and there is no time limit. The key to succes is the plan and just to get started. Plan the IELTS-test, get that first document delivered and make your dream come true.


If you are interested about the other topics that were discussed in this meeting, like work, moving and very important the time- and savings plan, read my second post about the meeting here.


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If you liked this post, you will definitely love to find out how I got my job eventually. Read it here!





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