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This week I want to go back in time to when I made one of the biggest decisions in my emigration process. We are going back to the moment that I resigned. 


The decision to resign was the result of another decision. This was my decision to move to Australia.
After meeting with my visa counselor and finalising the emigration plan, it was time for the next step – quitting my job.

Decision time

Quitting your job is a big deal. It takes away security in your life. It takes away the place where you spend most of you time, as well as your income, which allows you to do the things you want. Therefore I thought long and hard before I shared my news at work.

Telling your work place about moving and with that resigning is different than telling your family. There is no coming back from quitting your job.
Your work wants to be able to rely on you, so when you tell them you are leaving, that’s what they are going to work with.
They will start looking for replacement etc, so you can’t just go back onto your decision.

This was the main reason why I wanted to wait until the moment I did. I knew for quite a while that I was going to move, but there was no definite plan.
After signing my contract with Visa4You to start my emigration process and setting a date of take off it was clear – there is no coming back to this decision.

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I’ve got something to tell you

It is time. Time to let the work know what I am getting myself into.
I’ve scheduled a meeting with my manager to explain to him what I am going to do and what the consequences are.

It is terrifying to tell you manager you are leaving. For both personal and work reasons. You’ve build a relationship and now someone is leaving the other behind.
However, the meeting went amazing. I was able to explain myself and got a surprising but nice response. My manager was understanding and excited for my new adventure.


The word is out. Work knows, which for me personally was the moment that I allowed myself to talk about it to anyone and everyone that wanted to know anything.
And the fact that work responded in a supportive way was very nice for me to know.  I know I don’t need anybody’s permission to do this, but it is nice to have people around you that do support you and want to help you.

And that was the thing I liked the most about my work meeting. My manager saw it as an opportunity to experience someone moving away. He also offered all his help as a reference when I start my job hunting – and did he help! Read my job finding here

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