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It is really done now. I am unemployed. So what does everybody have to say about that?

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I have quit my job, as I explained to you in previous posts. I worked at Deloitte from February 2014, when I started with my Internship, until November 2016, when I quit my full-time job. Deloitte has helped me and taught me a lot and I am grateful for the time I worked there, but it is time for a change.
Work is an essential part of your life, as you spend a lot, if not most, of your time there. Therefore quitting it is a big deal.
More about these feels in the last post, but what does it mean for other people? How do they respond to this big decision?


When making big decisions in life, there are always people that have opinions. Either because they’re worried, are looking out for you or jealous.
The feedback about quitting your job is one of the decisions that screams for opinions. You will get them, if you want them or not.

This is one of the decisions that you make for your personal life, that actually involves your work life at the same time.
We have spoken about dealing with people in your personal circle and there opinions, read that here.
The result of a work related decision is that people at work actually feel like they have the right to an opinion on this matter.
So what are these opinions?


Most people get shocked by this decision. Quitting your job, giving up security and putting an end to your career doesn’t go lightly.
A lot of the opinions are out of concern – what if you don’t find work? what if you don’t like it and want to come back?

These opinions are easy to deal with. It’s simple – you can’t life your live based on what ifs. What if none of the above happens and I find a job and love it?  Then all the worries were for nothing! If you want something, do it – you’ll work it out!

The opinions that are a bit harder are the ones that reflect on your capability to make this decision. People that say ‘I would never give up this amazing career to go back to basic’
‘I would never risk everything that I’ve worked for’ ‘I don’t think you’ll find something as good’ etc…

These opinions are based on what someone else would do and defending them could come as if you are criticizing them. Which in this case, you don’t really want to waste your time on. What I do in these situations is say ‘That is your opinion, mine is different and I am going to stick with my decision’



It is a brave thing you are doing – so don’t let others get into your head. And quitting is a big deal, so think before you act. But also realise, there is work everywhere.
It might not be the same level as what you currently have, but if you try and want to make it work, it will.

I hope the tips above help you with dealing with other peoples say and ease your mind to stick with your plan.


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