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This is the official part of my resignation. In my last post I told you about telling work about moving away. But was that the last of it?


Resign two - My Aussie Dream




No. It wasn’t the last of it.


After talking to my managers, and closer to my departure date, it was time to officially send in my resignation.
Resigning your job is not just telling you are going. It is officially informing the company that you are leaving.
The exact process might vary for different businesses. The period when you have to resign depends on your contract and the way of resigning depends on the formality and informality within the business as well.

I had to fill out several forms, sent them to the department and that was it.

It’s done.
I quit my job.

How did I feel?

Sad and excited.
I love my job and I like what I do. As well that Deloitte is an amazing company to work for and it was sad to say goodbye.
But with saying that, resigning also made me very excited. It meant that all of this was getting more real.

I am moving to Australia!

It is real

For some reason, quitting your job makes things real and permanent.
A job gives you safety and stability, not having that makes you feel like you’re floating.
Also resigning is, for most people, the last thing they would ever do.
People don’t just quit their jobs. You’re supposed to work, build a career and you don’t just give that up. Quitting your job comes with way too much insecurities.

On the other hand, everybody has their own journey, their own path and their own destiny.
But most of the time people don’t think for themselves, but what society expects what they should do and they just follow that.
They give up on their dreams, because…

‘what would other people think?’

‘You can’t do that!’ ‘How are you going to do that?’ ‘Why would you do that?’ – some of the questions I get a lot.
How do I handle this and the people that have absolutely no understanding for all this? I’ll tell you more about that next week!


I resigned. Australia I am coming.


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