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In this post some tips on finding a job in a foreign country.

MY AUSSIE DREAM - Job Search in a Foreign Country Australia

Once your visa has been approved and you know you can go to this new country the plan starts moving.
As I have explained in the posts before work is a big part of your move. You quit one job and then you’ll eventually have to find a new one.
But how do you go about finding a new job in a foreign country?
Here are some of the things that I did!


A few basic tips before you start with any applying, searching etc.
These tips will, if you do them, make your application so much easier when it gets to it.

  • Update your resume

I know it sounds lame and boring, but it is so important to have an updated resume. Not just with new experiences, but also with the lay-out as used in the country that you are applying for. Having the right lay-out will show that you are aware of how it works over there and this will definitely be noticed!

  • Write down reasons why someone should hire you

This is a great way to shine some light on your positive qualities as well as give you the confidence that you are worthy of a job in this new country.

  • Write down things you could improve

Everyone will ask you things that are you downfall. Try to change them into a positive. For example, my main downfall is that I can’t leave tasks unfinished. It makes me uneasy, therefore I always plan ahead and finish my tasks before starting something new.

  • Practice

Practice an interview in this different language. Just to make you more familiar with words that you want to sure and how you want to explain certain things. This preparation will also take some of your nerves away once you actually get invited to interview. I did one Skype-interview when I was still at home and the practice beforehand was a big help!

  • Explain

Add a part to your coverletter where you explain what your plans are in this new country. This will limit the chances of businesses just assuming you will be over for a short period while travelling. I explained I was moving permanently, that I was looking for a work sponsorship and therefore needed to find a permanent job that would be ably to rely on me to stay with them for the visa as well as help me move to this new country.



I decided to start as soon as I was going. Knowing it was going to be a difficult and probably long process, I thought the sooner I start, the better.
My starting point was with the contacts that I had. I asked around at my workplace, where I was leaving, to see if they could help me.
Even just spreading the word around that a Dutch person is looking for a job might surprise you !

Another thing I did was spreading the news. It might feel a bit odd at the start, but believe me it does help. I went onto my LinkedIn and wrote down a ‘cry for help’ to all my contacts. I got a fair few responses from businesses that were curious.

A very good thing to do as well is liking and following businesses that you are interested in, which are located near your new living area. (Social Media is your friend when it comes to applying overseas). By following these businesses you’ll be up to date and the first one to find out when a new job opportunity opens up!

Create an account and apply for jobs using the job search platform for the specific country. I know Australia uses This website is what I used to search for jobs as well as just getting my name out there. (I found my current job via SEEK!).



Once you’ve arrived the real work starts. Most of the things you do from home are ground work as most employees would want to see you face-to-face before hiring. What I did when I arrived is that I sent all the businesses that I had previously contacted, that didn’t contact me back, a follow up email. In this email I forwarded my original application and wrote a quick message asking if the business was still looking for someone and that I had made my arrival in Australia and available was for interview.

This started something interesting, because businesses are actually interested in you, but you’re no good for them being at home. But the follow up and the arrival are 2 powerful tools. It means that you show that you’re hands-on wen you want something. You are truly dedicated to get yourself this job. As well as the fact that you are available to them.

My first job interview came from a follow up email. And guess what, I went in as a newbie and walked out with my employment settled!

I hope the tips above can help you with your job hunt in a new country



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