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A very important topic this week: sharing your dream. In this post I provided you with preparation information. I also mentioned that my dad was with me at the fair. He knows all about my dream.
Wonder how he deals with it? And curious what the best way is to tell your family? Keep reading.

This post will include my personal story, but also tips for you to help your family understand why you want to do this.

Telling the family

The first share

Your first share is important. The first response will be the one you remember. This response is also the one most likely to pop into your mind along the way. You want this to be an encouraging one. And who is better at encouraging you than the people closest to you?
I picked my family first. My mum, dad and sister were the first to know: I am moving to Australia. They were the first people that heard those words out loud.
It was nice telling them. I felt relieved and happy, but most importantly I felt excited, because I knew they would support me every step of the way.

The funny thing about telling the people closest to you is this. They know. They knew all along that you wanted this. And in this case that is an amazing thing.
By telling them it is just a confirmation. It is not a big shock, it might be emotional and hard, but they know this is what you truly want and therefore they will support and love you. They will ask questions, are you sure? But they won’t talk you out of this. They realise this is a part of you and they won’t stop you from being you and chasing your dreams.

My parents and sister have been supporting me from the beginning and telling them when I was going to leave, didn’t change that. I want to thank them for how they responded. The enthusiasm, the help, the excitement and also the tears were the most wanted response ever.

The result

What I learned from telling them and discussing things with them is that the key thing, when it comes to sharing your idea, is to be confident about it. You made your decision and there is nothing anybody can say that will change your mind. So tell your story with that in mind and with all the excitement you feel and tell them that you are going to make your dream come true. By telling it that way, people will know that they don’t have to worry about the fact that you might not be sure or whatever else and your excitement will make them excited as well (unless they don’t care and honestly, you don’t need people in your life that don’t care about you making this kind of decision).

After mom, dad and Désiré, my grandparents and babysitter were next for sharing the news.

Thank you note

My grandparents responded very emotional and supportive at the same time. I went to tell them in person, shared hugs, tears and laughter. In general: go chase your dream, go live your life!

Special thanks to Toos, my babysitter from back when I was little. She is so open and honest and that is what I love most about the response of people. Admitting they are going to miss me, but tell me to go do it if that is what makes me happy.

But believe me, that is not always the response you get. Not everybody will be enthusiastic, not everybody will be interested and lots of people will be jealous. And it does hurt when it happens, but a friendly reminder: it is your life and please don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t do something you want with all your heart.


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  3. Lieve Michelle,

    ik ken je niet eens echt. Zelf, bedoel ik. Ik ken je via je moeder, via Dorenhagen. Maar toch reageer ik hier. Op jouw platform. En eigenlijk wil ik alleen maar applaudiseren. Voor jou. Voor je ouders. Je zus. Je grootouders. Want hoe gaaf is het is je je zelf toestaat je eigen pad te volgen? Je de moed hebt dat te doen. En hoe gaaf is het vervolgens dat je voortkomt uit een gezin die je niet alleen die vrijheid geeft maar je steunt. Ondersteunt. Toejuicht! Wat doe je het goed. En wat doet jouw familie het goed. Geniet van alles. And pay it forward 😉

    1. Hi Anita. Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie. Heel fijn om te lezen, doet me goed. Knuffels

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