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To continue from last weeks post, here are some studytips to keep your head clear – you can apply these tips on any stressful situation and honestly – I’ve had a few of those lately!



1) make a studyplan

Before you start stressing out, make a plan using the basic facts

– deadline

– volume of the study material

– planned events

– study time

Use excel or just a sheet of paper and write down every day up until the examdate. Work backwards and also exclude the time for other activities, so you create a whole overview.

I write down every day which Chapters I want to study, mark them green when done and have a little note every day if you need to work that day, have dinnerplans or other things.

Planning is everything.


2) plan breaks

Give yourself time to relax. This can be quite difficult some times, since work and study take most of our hours and there is the needed sleep that needs to be squeezed in. When will you have time to relax?

Still it is important to get away from your books every now and then. It could be a 30min walk outside, a 5min youtube video or a day out. As long as you plan it, it can’t mess up your studyplan and you can go and relax without feeling guilty.

You’ve deserved it and studying after a nice break keeps you focused!


3) reward yourself

Be kind to yourself in these stressful times. Treat yourself with a massage, those new shoes you wanted or even that movie you wanted to see forever. You are doing great and by rewarding yourself you get that proud feeling that motivates you to keep going.

You can do this!


4) set a goal

Set a goal and work for that. And even think of something amazing to do once you reach that goal. Setting goals breaks up the whole process that you have to go through and makes it look and feel less overwelming. Baby steps and you’ll get there.

Keep yourself motivated.


5) create your own space

Studying is easier when you have a clean desk, all your pens, markers and books in reach and without anything to distract you. Make yourself a tea, put down some chocolate and go for it.

Make your studylife easy and comfy.


6) buy new stationary

Everything is more fun with new stuff, organised folders and notebooks with motivating quotes. Organise folder per subject, use dividers for each chapter and use different colors for different study subjects.

Let’s go !


I hope these tips make anything you’re stressing about a tiny bit easier. You’ve got this!


Lots of love,


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  1. So proud of you xxx

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