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It is time for another Visa update. The last one dates from August last year. In this update I tell you about the last 2 steps that need to be completed for my visa application.
So what are we up to now?


My Aussie Dream Visa Update Part Four


The medical test was a requirement for my visa application. As you know, we sent in the application, only the check box for my medical examination is still open.
My test took place last year. I wrote a more detailed post on this here. This medical exam is as a reference for the Australian government to identify any medical conditions that you might have. I am very happy to say that I passed the test. Another box that can be ticked off.



The record of good behaviour is a document that says you have no criminal record. This document is required for your visa application. You need this from both your home country, as well as the country that you are moving to. The government of Australia needs these, obviously, to see if you might be dangerous for the society.
My records came back clear and were added to my visa application.


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With the above 2 files and the visa application form completed and sent out, it was complete. My visa request for permanent residency in Australia has officially been send out. And then… the waiting starts.

My visa application was sent in on the 30th of June, 2017. The above files were added November 2017 and I have been waiting ever since.
The given time frame for your application to be assessed is 7-10 months. Yes, we are here. Finally we are in the time frame were it is our turn.
Tomorrow is the last day of month number 9, which means it can not be much longer now.

I have found that the waiting is the hardest part. It is hard, because you can’t do anything. You can’t do anything to prepare, since all the information needed has been gathered. But you also can’t do anything in terms of settling down. You try, I know I try, but there is this little voice in the back of your head telling you ‘it is not done yet’.

That is by far the hardest thing. I was secretly hoping I would have a final outcome by the time my family was over here, so my move would be final.
At this current moment, I am living and working in Australia. I have the best possible life I could ever have imagined. It is absolutely amazing and I have fallen in love with this country so much, every day, over and over again.

So I really hope that soon, very soon, I will be able to tell you that I am a permanent resident of Australia. That Australia is my home, just as how it feels.

But for now, fingers crossed and wait patiently for the call – I will keep you posted Fam!


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