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It’s time for a visa update. How is it going? Am I staying in Australia or is this dream about to turn into a nightmare?


The quote above is definitely appropriate at the moment. It was going so well, until another bump in the road is trying to see how badly I want this.

So what happened?

First some good news. The company I am working for now wants to sponsor me. I am so happy and feel so luck that I found a place that wants to help me make my dream come true and not only that, it’s an amazing place to work. I have lovely colleagues and I like what I’m doing during the day. I feel blessed!

Then the bad news. To get this sponsored visa a independent organisation needs to decide if you are qualified to do the job that you are being sponsored for. In my case, this is accountant, which means that the CPA Australia ( Certified Public Accountant ) needs to check my certificates and conclude if I am qualified or not.
As you would probably expect, I didn’t pass.

The CPA checks 9 different subjects, being:

Accounting Systems and Processes
Financial Accounting and Reporting
Business Law
Finance and Financial Management
Management Accounting
Quantitative Methods
Audit and Assurance

The first 5 are necessary and the last 2 are optional.
I didn’t complete Financial Accounting and Reporting and Finance and Financial Management.

So what does this mean?

This means I have 2 options: either go to uni and follow these 2 subjects or enroll into the CPA program and take 2 exams.

I chose for the option to enroll the CPA program.
Visa4You once again came through and helped me to set this all up. They were also very surprised that I didn’t pass all the subjects, since I’ve done my Bachelor Accountancy and a Post Bachelor Accountancy study. But nothing we can change about this, so let’s go!

Each exam costs $580, which hurt, a lot.
The enrolment gives you studyguides, formulasheets and information about the exam.
After your enrollment, you have 12 months to take the exam.
In my situation, I have 3 months. This has everything to do with my current visa, Working-Holiday, which allows you to work at one company for 6 months. Since I am halfway, it is preferably I complete these exams before that time finished.
There are ways to go around this, if in the worse scenario I wouldn’t finish the exams before those 6 months are over, but I want to try.

So I got all the studymaterial, the equipment and the motivation – so once again, let’s study and get this visa!


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  1. Jacqueline says: Reply

    Lieve Michelle,

    Dit is geen fijn nieuws! Wij gaan hier allemaal duimen voor je, dat je de examens gaat halen! Je bent een Topper; het moet gaan lukken!! liefs, Jacqueline, Walter, Luna en Zora. Xx

    1. Dankjewel lieverds! Even balen, maar we gaan ervoor :)!
      Heel veel knuffels van hier

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