Hi Dreamer,


After 2 months of chaos and panic, I am BACK.

My blog was having issues and I didn’t seem to be able to get it fixed. Out of all the features the ‘create new post’ function decided to stop working, how convenient.

I have missed writing, but haven’t been snoozing in the last few weeks. My time was spend reading, researching and exploring some new paths, SO EXCITING! What have I been up to?



This post is mainly to catch up with all of you, from next week onwards we will be going back into all the juicy tricks and tools on how to live your dream life.


My Birthday

Yes in the last few weeks of me not writing, I celebrated my 26th birthday. And wow, what a shock to the system that was!
If you know me, you know I LOVE birthdays. Celebrating life and achievements while enjoying cake and presents is the best way to spend your time.

But this year was a tiny bit different. The 26 really stared me in the face. I am 26.
At this age my mum, and most of our mums, was married. She even had me crawling around.
And it made me think to myself, am I doing this all wrong?

I stepped back and looked at what I have achieved in 26 years. Maybe no kids or marriage, but was that really my focus? No.
My focus was on me, to create the best life for myself. And I am happy and proud to say that I have succeeded, more than I ever thought I would.

Currently I am living with my boyfriend in a beautiful house in the country of my dreams, what else could I wish for?


The Problem

By looking at my achievements and comparing it to how I felt turning 26 I realised what the problem was. I was comparing other peoples achievements with my own. This doesn’t work. Everyone has a different path, a different dream and a different way to look at life. Some of us want to travel, others want to start a family. Neither of these are wrong or mean you have failed.

As long as you do what you do for one reason – your own happiness – you aren’t failing, but succeeding.
I want you to remember that next time you look at someone else and put yourself down.
Or when you judge someone else for their choices.

We can all pick our own way of doing life, it is what makes us unique. Appreciate it, respect it and most of all, enjoy it.


Your Solution

What to you do now you don’t have to worry about living up to standards? Whatever you want, however you want.
And what have I been doing? I made the best decision ever to say YES to my little sister and join her in a journey I never thought was possible – an Oily Journey.

My sister became part of a company called Young Living and asked me to join. After being unsure and asking a million questions I thought to myself, this is my sister, she is asking me for help and why would I not give it to her?

So with a big YES and a cheerful welcome I signed up.
And oh my, how my life has changed.

I am now part of the world of Essential Oils and how I wished I knew about these 10 years ago.
The general improvement of my health and sleep is beyond me, but something more important happened.
The community that came with this is beautiful and like no other.


My goal – build the community that my sister has in The Netherlands, but here in Australia.
I want to share the oils, the experience and benefits with anyone who wants to hear it.
And if you’re one of them – have a look here to find more information.


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Helping others with my experience is what I have always done with this blog, with my website, and I will continue to do so.

What are your goals?


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