Hi Dreamer,

Lately I have been doing some personal development. One of the main things I am doing is listening to podcasts and this post includes something that was spoken by on The Minimalists Podcast. This blog is created to share my emigration process, but most of all to inspire others to live their dreams. My goal is to share my story, so you will learn that dreams can come true. 

In this post I will be talking about personality and how acknowledging what type of person you are helps you in realising your dream.

Hi Dreamer, This weeks blog is all about taking chances. In the last 3 years I've learnt that there is nothing better than working on something for yourself, even if the outcome is a big question mark. The chances I've taken, the why's and learning points are all written down for you below. I hope this will inspire you to stop reaming and start doing. If you are having doubt about something - keep reading and take the chance!

Hi Dreamer,   This week I want to share something about mindset. Your mindset is a very important thing when you are thinking about emigrating, planning on it and even once you have done it. Below I will share some tips on how to keep your mindset healthy - keep reading

Hi Dreamer, It has been a while that I have posted, but I was too busy enjoying myself with my family. They visited me in Australia for 4 weeks and last week I had to say goodbye to them. And oh, it was the hardest goodbye... Below the highlights of our trip as well as tips for when you have to miss your loved ones.

Hi Dreamer,   Today I did an interview for work and got asked the question: ‘What do you love the most about this journey?’ ‘Being an inspiration’ is what I answered. And that is what this whole blog is about. It is about sharing my story, my experiences and with that inspire you to do this too. Not just moving, but to follow your dream.
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