Essential Oils – Lavender

LAVENDER | Lavender is the most commonly known and used Essential Oil. Lavender, Lavandula Angustifolia, has a fresh and floral scent and is therefore often used for soaps and beauty products.


Lavender promotes feelings of calmness and helps balance between the mind and body.
It cleanses the skin and supports aging skin.
Lavender is part of the mint family.

Young Living has 3 lavender farms, located in Utah, Idaho and France. Lavender is seam distilled from the flowering tops of the plants. It takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15ml bottle of Lavender Essential Oil.

Ways to USE

Lavender can be used in a lot of ways, the main way is for calming.
You can add lavender to your diffuser with water and diffuse it before bed.
Lavender can also be used to cleanse the skin and to support aging skin.
You can apply lavender directly onto your skin, however I like to dilute the oil. This means I add grapeseed oil or coconut oil to 10 drops of lavender in a roller and use that on my skin.
You can also add lavender to your shampoo or existing skin care products for a nice smell and supporting your skin.

Lavender can be added to your dish for a new twist in flavouring as to your lamb or potatoes.

My favourite way to use it is to roll it onto my temples before I go to bed for a calming effect.

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