Essential Oils – Lemon

LEMON | Lemon is an oil that is used a lot. Lemon, Citrus limon, is cold-pressed from the skin of lemons. Lemon oil can help eliminate smells.


Lemon helps to eliminate any unwanted smells in your house, car or office.
It also benefits skin and hair when added to skincare or used in DIY hairmasks.
Lemon creates a more focused environment.

Young Living gets their lemon from Argentina and South Africa. The rinds of the lemon gets cold pressed to produce the oil. It takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of Lemon Essential Oil.

Ways to USE

The main use for lemon is for cleaning. Either surfaces, skin and hair or the atmosphere in a room, lemon is the answer.
It is great to use as an airfreshner, use 10 drops of lemon, some salt and water and you have an all natural spray.

Lemon is also great to use for skincare. I use mine in combination with lavender and frankincense as a night time moisturiser. Always make sure you don’t use lemon before going into the sun as this might cause burns.

My favourite way to use lemon is in my water or breakfast smoothie. 1 drop is enough for a refreshing start of your morning

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