The Business Side

The most amazing part about Young Living Essential Oils to me is the fact that their advertisement is through users. There are no ads on TV telling you that you should buy this. Anything about this brand is being communicated by people who use these products themselves.
And I am one of those.

Young Living has a business side, which means any member can change their account to business. What happens when you do that?
Having a business account means that if you spread the word about these oils and your friends and family want to purchase items, you get commission over their purchases.

Why? Because you help Young Living reach more people. Your story helps others feel better and get healthier. Young Living wants to return you a favour by presenting you with the Business option.


Your Business Account

You have your member account and notice a lot of your loved ones are interested. What do you do and what are the results of changing to business account? Let’s have a look

Your starting point is your current account, which is the normal account you use to place orders with. This account provides you with 24% discount.
To change your account to business you sign up for Essential Rewards Business Membership.
This means that you can start building a business with Young Living.

One requirement for this sign up, is that you purchase 100 PV worth of items each month. The reason for this is that the people who are building a business of Young Living do actually use these products themselves as well.
While ordering monthly, you build up Essential Rewards Points, which gives you free products and who doesn’t love them?

The return for this requirement is the fact that you have access to these amazing products, can use and share about them and you receive commission for any purchases that your friends and loved ones complete with you.

If you need help with signing up for any of the above mentioned memberships, don’t hesitate to contact me

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