What are Essential Oils?

You have probably heard people speak about these amazing oils.
How great they are, how nice they smell etc. But what are Essential Oils exactly?

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are aromatic liquids extracted from leaves, roots and flowers from plants. The oils get extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing. By using these methods the oils stay in their purest form.

‘Essential’ in Essential Oil stands for the fact that the oil contains the essence of the plant fragrance.

The difference between Essential Oils and vegetable and olive oil is that the vegetable oil and olive oil gets extracted from nuts and seeds from the plant. Whereas the Essential Oils get extracted from the roots, leaves, flowers and the bark from the plant.
This doesn’t mean that other oils like coconut and grapeseed oil don’t have anything to do with Essential Oils. They are used as carrier oils, more about that below.

How to use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are pure and therefore more powerful and effective than dry herbs. You can diffuse, inhale and apply the oils. The way you use a specific oils depends on the type of oil.
Exact instructions on usage is always provided on the bottle of the oil.


Diffusing is one of the main ways to use Essential Oils. You do this by using a special diffuser, which spreads the oils into your room.


Inhaling can be done by putting a drop of oil onto your hands and inhaling from here. Or by inhaling from the bottle.


You can use the Essential Oils onto your skin. However it is important for some oils to use a carrier oil. A carrier oil is used, as the name gives away, to carry the Essential Oil.
Instead of putting the oils straight onto your skin, you dilute it with carrier oil.
There are some oils that can be used straight onto your skin, but for safety and also for regular use it is recommended to dilute the oils.
By using 10ml rollers with 5-10 drops of Essential Oils and top of with carrier oil, you create the perfect roll-on oil to apply directly to your skin. The amount of drops is less for kids, depending on age.


I want to cover safety just so you are aware of some DO and DON’TS


Always check the label. All the oils have a label that advised the use. It tells you how the oil can be used and if it needs to be diluted or not.

Dilute depending on age and use. Both kids and animals are more sensitive to oils. Please always check the amount of drops to use for these.

One step at a time and in this case, one oil at a time. Take it easy and start with adding oils into your life one by one. Pay close attention to how you respond and how your body feels.

Keep your oils out of reach of your little ones.


Never apply Essential Oils on wounds, in your ears or in your eyes.
If you get oil in any of these places, use a carrier oil like olive oil to clean it out. NEVER use water, as it only makes the oil stronger.

If you want to use oils in a bath, always add a bit of carrier oil to the water. Please check oils before using in bath.

How to start?

Now you must be wondering, what is the best way to start?

I highly recommend to start with the Premium Starter Kit. As the name gives away, this is the perfect kit of oils to start with. The Premium means the kit includes a diffuser.

This kit includes

  • Desert Mist Diffuser
  • Premium Essential Oils Collection:
    • Lavender 5-ml
    • Peppermint 5-ml
    • Lemon 5-ml
    • Copaiba 5-ml
    • Frankincense 5-ml
    • Thieves® 5-ml
    • Purification® 5-ml
    • R.C.™ 5-ml
    • DiGize 5-ml
    • PanAway® 5-ml
  • Stress Away™ 5-ml
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier – 29.56g
  • 10 Love It & Share It! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love It & Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 60ml ea samples
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • Policies and Procedures

Are you interested in ordering a Starter Kit? Email me:

Examples of areas where you can use Essential Oils:

Positive Emotional State
Helps with: rediscovering balance and joy
Usage: as diffusion, in baths and massages, inhalation or application
Oils: Joy, Lavender, Orange, Peace & Calming, Peppermint, Jasmine Essential Oil

Physical Wellness
Helps with: feeling tired, toxic and unbalanced body
Usage: to use as nutrition, consumable
Other products: NingXia Red, OmegaGize3, Slique Tea, Longevity

Your Home
Helps with: non chemical cleaning
Usage: to clean your home
Oils: Lemon, Thyme and Lemongrass essential oil
Other products: Thieves Household Cleaner, Purification Essential Oil Blend

Skin Appearance
Helps with: natural glow, non chemical beauty routine
Usage: skin and hair routine
Oils: Lavender essential oil, Frankincense essential oil
Other products: Lavender Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, Copaiba Vanilla Shampoo & Conditioner, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream

Spiritual Awareness
Helps with: improve your spiritual practice
Usage: application to wrists, feet and behind ears, diffuse
Oils: Sacred Frankincense, White Angelica, Inspiration Essential Oil

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