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Australia has been my home over a year now and you must be wondering, is Australia normal?
Is it just work and routines? Or is it the excited adventure I was looking for? Keep reading to find out what life in Australia really feels like



Australia was my big dream. Living there was all I wanted and now I am here. But the question is, is it all I was hoping for? Or did I end up where I was?
Back at home my life surrounded about things that didn’t make me my happiest self. I wanted more, but wasn’t sure what that was.
I went to Australia in 2014 as a travel adventure and ended up finding what I wanted. The lifestyle, nature and culture grabbed me and I couldn’t let it go.

I fell in love

Australia was where I would be able to be my happiest self. It was the place that provided me the ‘more’ I was looking for.
But after I made the decision to move permanently all the questions came – Don’t you have to work there too? Do you realise it is not going to be the same as travelling there? Are you aware that life is just life over there too? And in the back of my mind I started wondering, will I end up where I am now anyways?



I arrived in Australia on the 17th of December 2016. The first impression was amazing. I did it, I moved to Australia permanently. I enjoyed myself over summer and started work on the 30th of January 2017. So it started, what they call ‘normal life’.

At the moment I work 5 days a week, 9 am – 5.30 pm and live 30 minutes away from work. And although it sounds like this is normal life kicking it, Australia offers me everything to not let it be normal. Work is work and it is part of your life anyways and the Aussies have an amazing way to deal with work and live life to the fullest.

“She’ll be right”

First of all, Australians are the most laid back people you will ever meet. This goes for life in general, but also for work life. Whereas in a lot of countries work is everything and people are more about the ‘Live to work’ than ‘Work to life’ motto, Australians don’t have that. They work hard and don’t hold back on overtime, but the big difference is that their life doesn’t revolve about work. Work is just something we have to do, so we can do the things we want to do.

So do the best as you can at work, but don’t stress about it, tomorrow is another day – she’ll be right.


“Bloody ripper”

And then there is all the free time. The hours that you are not at work. I have to say, I have never spend these hours as well as here in Australia. You can call them laid back, but they are always up to something. Weekends aren’t to ‘relax and reload’. No. Wrong. Weekends are for adventures and travelling and new things. Almost every weekend we are away, camping, to a festival, doing new activities as diving or riding a quad on the beach. Absolutely amazing! Or as the Aussies would say “A bloody ripper of a weekend”



To answer the question if Australia is normal to me yet? No, not in any way. Yes I do groceries, have to wash my clothes and go to work. But the lifestyle here takes all that away. The lifestyle of ‘No worries, she’ll be right’ is one to cherish every day. No care in the world and just living life at the best of your capability. This lifestyle combined with the beautiful nature and the unstoppable adventurous spirit of Aussies make life exciting. Every day is different and there is adventure at every corner. And I think that is the more I was looking for.

To live more, do more, experience more and be more. 



Does that mean you can only have this in Australia? No, of course not. While writing this post I realised that for me to get more out of life, I needed to get away from the old situation I was in. But it doesn’t always have to mean that you have to leave everything behind and start over. It could just be the fact that you never organise anything over the weekend, while secretly you would love to go to London for the weekend. It can be a job that you don’t like, because your boss expects you to be available 24/7. Or it could be the fact that you just realised that there is nothing else you want in life, because it is pretty damn amazing the way it is.

Whatever your MORE is – I hope you find it, because life is good when you are where you want to be and do what you want to do.


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