Hi Dreamer,

You must be wondering what I’ve been doing in the last period of time. The last blog post dates from the 17th of August and I am less than impressed.
The reason for this? Life happened, keep reading to find out more.



The last few blog posts included updates about my visa process. After a long road I was on the 5th of June finally promoted to PERMANENT RESIDENT OF AUSTRALIA.
I am officially an Australian resident and the waiting is over. After 11 months of hoping and wishing I felt like my life went from pauze to PLAY.
No more being unsure about what was going to happen or where I was going. I am in Australia to stay. Which resulted in the next step.



So what is the next step? The next step involves my personal life.
As I mentioned above it took 11 months for me to go from applying for my visa to permanent residency to eventually receiving this.
The wait and unsure situation made me feel like my Australian adventure was on hold. I tried to not worry about it and enjoy my time to the fullest, but there was always that thought. What if I get kicked out?

But then it changed and getting kicked out is no longer an option, so we can hit play and start moving forward again.
This meant that my boyfriend and I are taking the next step and moving out.
I moved in with Kyle and his family when I arrived. As a start and a place to build my adventure from.
They gave me a home in a foreign country and helped me in every way possible to make this dream successful.
From celebrations to tears and getaways to movie nights at home, they were there the whole way through.

I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for me and continue to do. They became my family in Australia and I couldn’t have picked a better one if I wanted to!
With my permanent residency in the pocket Kyle and I decided to move out. This is so exciting, but also time consuming.
As you probably worked out by now is this move the reason for my lack of activity here.

We did renovations, had to go furniture shopping and do whatever else comes with moving into your own place.
The way it is going now, we are highly likely to be moved in by this time next week – YAY!


With the move to our own place as a new start, I wanted to give My Aussie Dream a new start too.
A plan for this blog, combined with my YouTube channel and social media profiles.

Find them here




What I’ll be doing is I’ll upload a new blog post here every 2 weeks and have a video on YouTube every other week.
This way you can read the information that you need and see the live in Australia at the same time.


Please follow me on the channels to not miss anything and let me know if you have any requests !


BLOG SIGNATURE My Aussie Dream Lots of love, Michelle





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