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When you move away, you don’t just leave your family – you also leave your friends.
So once you arrive at your dream destination, it is time to make new friends. But how?



I have been in Australia for over a year and it hurts me to say how hard it is to build a social life in a new place. My age group here, mid-twenties, is pretty much set in their ways. People either have relationships to spend their time on, others even have kids and others just have their friend group that has been the same since high school.
It is a difficult state to arrive in and to expect people to take you on, when they aren’t really looking for a ‘new Dutch friend’.


Unfortunately I haven’t found an answer to this question, not yet. And don’t get me wrong, I have nice people around me. My boyfriend and his family give me an amazing home and my work colleagues form a great team during the week
I just miss the girl time
The ‘let’s have dinner tonight, let’s go shopping, let’s go out – what are you doing today?’

I miss having a friend here, someone other than my amazing boyfriend, to share that part of life with. To do girls stuff with or just to spend time with when I don’t want to hear about cars and he doesn’t want to hear about the new Showpo collection.

My Google and FaceBook searches have been ‘how to make friends over 20’ for a while and it is funny to see that there are more people out there who have the same issue.
How do I make friends, when everyone seems to have already found their way?


So after searching the web for a bit I decided to do something terrifying, but helpful. I posted a call for help on FaceBook – how do I find new friends?
I posted this message in a few FaceBook groups that are dedicated to Dutch people in Australia.

At first, I didn’t wanted to reach out to the Dutchies. I wanted to try and be part of the Aussie social world. But then it all made sense, the Dutchies are my people and they are probably going through the same thing.
They have moved to a different country and are trying to set up their life. Maybe they have the same problem and are looking for some company?

And guess what? They did.

After my call for help, I got so many responses of people agreeing that it is hard to find friends. People responded with tips on where to meet new friends. And some even made the effort to plan a meet up!


One of the responses was of 2 girls, who literally live within 30 minutes of my current home. Who knew that I had Dutchies living so close to me on the other side of the world?
They were happy to take me on and we scheduled to have dinner earlier this week.

It was lovely to meet them and so nice to speak to people who are going through the same. The same visa waiting times, the same struggle with setting up a new social life and the same love for this amazing country. I want to thank these lovely girls fr taking me on and I can’t wait for all our girl adventures !





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