Hi Dreamer,

It has been a while that I have posted, but I was too busy enjoying myself with my family.
They visited me in Australia for 4 weeks and last week I had to say goodbye to them.
And oh, it was the hardest goodbye… Below the highlights of our trip as well as tips for when you have to miss your loved ones.

Hardest Goodbye


As you all know, I moved to Australia in December 2016. When I made that decision, my family started planning straight away.
My parents and sister planned to visit me after my first year in Australia.

So on the 15th of February 2018 it happened – my family came to Australia!

Family in Australia

It was absolutely amazing to show them where I am living, working and enjoying life. It made it real to them and they now have an idea of how I live.
They now know I ended up with a loving family here in Australia and a good job – concluding to a good life.

And they experienced a bit of this when we went to Cairns to explore Australia at its best!

If you are curious to see what we did, have a look here for all our adventures


My parents and sister always understood for my decision. It wasn’t easy, but they supported me every step of the way.
Although it is difficult to have full understanding of someones love and life if you haven’t experienced it yourself, they never tried to stop me.
And especially now that they have experienced Australia for themselves, they understand my choice even more.
They think I made a great life decision to move here and they are so so happy that I am happy.

They absolutely fell in love with Australia. Maybe not as much as I did, but definitely enough to understand my big love for this part of the world.
Australia is such a beautiful country with unbelievable nature – everyone who has experienced this, is so lucky!

Daintree Forest QLD Australia
Daintree Forest QLD Australia
Great Barrier Reef QLD Australia
Great Barrier Reef QLD Australia
Cape Tribulation QLD Australia
Cape Tribulation QLD Australia


Even though Australia is a beautiful part of the world, it doesn’t make it easier that there is a whole world between us. This makes saying goodbye was very hard on all of us.
It was so nice to spend time together and explore Australia, that we couldn’t believe how quickly the time went!

Hardest goodbye


I want to thank my family for all their love and support. For the big effort to come all this way to see me and Australia.
I also want to thank my family here in Aus for welcoming my family with open arms.
It is such a great feeling when life gets turned into a party like we all did.
I am blessed!



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  1. Het was geweldig, prachtig en emotioneel. Maar de mooie herinneringen hebben we bij ons.
    Love you 💖.

  2. Love You 😍

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