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This week I want to share something about mindset.
Your mindset is a very important thing when you are thinking about emigrating, planning on it and even once you have done it.
Below I will share some tips on how to keep your mindset healthy – keep reading

 My Aussie Dream - MINDSET


The mind is a powerful tool, which I have noticed in my emigration proces. Your mind gets influenced by all sorts of things. Books you read, movies you watch and people who you listen to. Your mind is what you live with every day and therefore it is very important that you keep your mind healthy.

Life-changing decisions

Making a big decision in your life can get your mindset a bit out of balance. You start questioning if what you are doing is right and if you should change it. After realising you want change, you start questioning the change you think you should make and your whole mind turns upside down.
Decisions like emigration, but also changing jobs, starting a family or ending a relationship, turn your mindset upside down. They don’t call them life-changing decisions for nothing! They will have a big impact on everything around you, but mainly on you.

Your change of mind

It all starts with the first thought of change that pops in your mind. You start thinking about this alarm bell that is going off. Is my mind trying to tell me something? Or is it messing with me? Do I really want to move away? Or do I just want to relive that amazing holiday?
Your mind will start letting of different sides of the change. The pros and cons, the right and wrongs. I love Australia, but I love my family too – and so on.
You begin to have a whole brainstorm with yourself about this decision. You gather information and read online to justify the right and wrong, pros and cons.

Before you even make your final decision or talk about the possibility, your mind is already busy deciding on it’s own.

And then once you think you think you have figured out what you want and have gathered all your courage to share it with the world – your mindset gets knocked off its feet again once other people start sharing their mindset.



There are a fair few decisions in life that you make on your own and that doesn’t involve anyone else. What you wear, what you eat, what book you are reading. All these things are just influencing you and your day-to-day life.
But when it comes down to life-changing decisions it is most likely that there are other people involved. And they have their opinions too, which they are happy to share with you

Their piece of mind

You made your decision, you gave it lots of thought, did some research and you are ready. You tell your family, maybe a colleague or your friends and then it starts all over.
Did you really think you balanced your mindset again? Do you think you know what you want? Hold on, because this amazing thought that you have is about to be wiggled around again.

We all know that our dearest want the best for us. This is the reason why we value their opinion so much.
And our dearest want to keep us from making mistakes and feel the need to throw every bit of information to you, just in case.

In the process of receiving other peoples piece of mind it is very important that you know how to filter this information.
Why are they saying certain things? Why are they asking this and this?
By filtering out you can set the unfair comments aside from the important ones.

Important information

If you tell your family/friends/colleagues about your decision and they start asking all these questions “How you are going to do it?” “And why?” “When?”, it is most likely that they want to make sure you have thought of everything. They want to keep you from making a wrong decision. Which is fair enough, that is what they are for. They are their to protect and help you. There is just one thing that you have to keep in mind when listening to their mind.

Their questions will reflect what they feel. Their concerns and insecurity will be in those questions. That is why it is important that you work out the reason for their questions, so you can answer them comfortably without getting unsure about yourself. You know what you want, their questions are just an expression of their mindset and they need you to ease their mind for them.

The right person to ease their mind is you, because your mindset is already eased out. You have thought about your decision and you made it. With all the pros and cons, right and wrongs. Explain to them how you went through this process. What made you make this decision? And what had absolutely nothing to do with it?



Some tips for a healthy mindset:

  • Put yourself first
    It is your life and only you know what you really want
  • Write down all the unsure points and find answers to them
    The answer could either be practical or simply the fact that you allow yourself to be okay with this unsure point – you don’t have to know all the answers in order to make a decision
  • Take advise
    But only the right and meaningful advise, not the “I am a jealous colleague”-advise. You will be able to tell who means well with their words and who is just trying to get your mindset tipped over
  • Never stop searching
    Always keep looking for information and sources, this will make it a lot easier to control your mindset, since you know what is going on
  • Read
    I think this is my main life-safer. Reading self-help books is one of the best things I ever started doing (besides moving to Australia).
    It helps me believe in myself and trust in my decision. It helped me to make this decision, because I learnt that only I can make my life the way I want it to be.
    Day-to-day it supports me in my decision and eases my mind that I am right be doing this for me. It helps me adjusting to new culture, habits and lifestyle. And it helps me to stay positive and keep my eyes on the future – my visa will be approved, because I did everything I could. That is one of my main mindsets at the moment.
    Must reads:
    Jen Sincero – You Are A Badass
    Sarah Knight – The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A Fck & Get Your Sht Together


I hope this post will help you to have the mindset that you want and make that important decision you have been struggling with.

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