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This weeks blog is all about taking chances.
In the last 3 years I’ve learnt that there is nothing better than working on something for yourself, even if the outcome is a big question mark.
The chances I’ve taken, the why’s and learning points are all written down for you below. I hope this will inspire you to stop reaming and start doing.
If you are having doubt about something – keep reading and take the chance!



Taking chances has changed my life in more ways than I can explain. My big chance was to move from The Netherlands, Europe, to the other side of the world, beautiful Australia.
The unknown outcome can be scary, but it’s exciting at the same time. You are going to do something that is out of your comfort zone and it will make you grow no matter what the outcome is. And to me, personal growth is everything, so I wouldn’t miss a chance of helping myself grow.

With this post I would like to show you how exciting taking a chance can be.

Did I know what to expect?

Absolutely not.


If I had no idea about the outcome, why do it? Why take the chance?
Because I have a deal with myself and that is to live life to the fullest. And after travelling to Australia, the desire to live there was bigger than my roots at home. I knew if I didn’t try this, that if I didn’t take this chance, I would regret that for the rest of my life. I didn’t want regret – I want to live the fullest life there is.

Personal growth

And besides living life to the fullest, life is about experiences. Good and bad ones. It’s about trying and growing and learning and taking a chance on something unfamiliar will do all those things for you. You will grow in the process of fighting for something you want, you will learn to deal with situations that are uncomfortable and you will live life to the fullest – even if not everything goes to plan. Nothing happens without a reason, it is all to help you grow as a person.

Shortly, taking a chance is what you should be doing. If you are thinking about something right this minute, as you are reading this, that is your chance. Go take it – it will make you happier, more experienced or maybe even change your life – DO IT.


The main lesson I learnt in taking my chance is to not give up. To NEVER give up. If you really want this and set your mind to it, you will make this work. You can live this dream you have been wondering about for the last years.

And don’t you worry, I am fully aware that all the above sounds cliche. Am I only saying this because everything worked out for me in the end?
NO. I believed in this even when I didn’t had the outcome and that’s why I started taking this chance and that’s how I made it successful.
You have to work for it, commit. Fully commit. And then you too can take a chance and start living your dream.



At this moment I am living my dream in Australia – yet I have taken another chance. Another chance to grow, learn and explore with a question mark as outcome. I made the decision to join an online consultant team, named Arbonne. I want to share my experience, help more people and inspire other to live their best life. And combined with living your best life is living a healthy life and Arbonne is all about this. I am so excited for another adventure, another dream. We keep dreaming along the way, so there will always be another challenge to make true. There is no end point, only the everlasting ride and it is up to you to make the ride FUN


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