Hi Dreamer,

After reading so much about my journey to move to Australia you must be wondering why? Why did you decide on Australia?
Well let me tell you why!


First visit

My first visit to Australia was in 2014. I finished my Accountancy studies and decided to treat myself on a holiday before fully diving into adult life. I booked a 4-week Topdeck tour that would take me around Australia. You can find the exact trip here.

I fell in love straight away. From the moment I arrived in Sydney I felt at home. The combination of a beautiful country and a personal achievement of travelling by myself made me feel on top of the world. And the feeling never went away. After 30 days of exploring the Australian lands I knew it, this was my destination.

What made me fall in love?

At that point, the first visit, the nature and laidback vibe made me fall in love with Australia. These 2 things together with the funniest, rudest and kindest accent in the world won me over.
Australia showed me, in just 4 weeks time, how good life can be and how amazing and beautiful this world is. From the skyline of Sydney to the Outback at Uluru all the way to the gorgeous white beaches of The Whitsundays, Australia has it all.

But then the questions came about ‘normal life’ in Australia. Will I stay in love when all this becomes a daily experience?


Everlasting love

Yes. The answer to that is yes. I am still in love and convinced I will be forever. Australia has stolen my heart and with my permanent residency in the pocket it can be my home for as long as I want.

Besides the highlights that I experienced on my tour, which made my fall in love with Australia in the first place, I found out that it has so much more to offer. Outside all the spotlights Australia has some amazing hidden beauties. Living one hour north from Sydney proofs this. Beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and an amazing family made this the perfect home for me.


So why Australia?

So you feel like you are living the best life every day – almost like being on a full time holiday.

The lifestyle, outdoors, nature, kindness and warm weather – nothing can beat that.


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