BUCKETLIST 2019 – the goals to start living your dream

Hi Dreamer,

Happy new year and welcome to 2019!
I hope you had a wonderful change of the year and I want to welcome you back to My Aussie Dream.
This post will tell you more about the plan for 2019 – how I am going to get you to your dream. Curious? Keep reading

What to expect this year?

This year I will be writing to help you. I have been writing for 3 years now and shared my goals, experiences and lessons learnt, but it is time to turn the tables. It is time for YOU!
So are you ready to start living your dream? Break out of the day-to-day drag of life? You came to the right place.
I will be sharing the how-to’s to living your dream.

Identify your dream

The first step to living your dream is to identify what it is. What is it exactly that you are after, do you want to move to a different country like I did? Or does your dream involve becoming healthier? Maybe it is finishing that study that you have been working on for the last 3 years?

Whatever it is, knowing what it is and writing this down is the first step into realising it. The dream I had was to move to Australia and by acknowledging this and writing it down I was able to see what my goals would be to make this dream reality.

My 2019 Dream

My dream for 2019 is to BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME. This includes health (exercise and nutrition), business and personal development with the end goal to become the best version of me to help out others.

By becoming the best version of myself I hope to grow, but also be able to help out others more. I want to help people by setting an example of how you could live life the way you want.

To live intentional with fun!

Set your goals

One of the easiest way to be able to reach the dream you identified is to set goals. These goals are baby steps to get to your end goal. They consist of to-do’s and by ticking off these to-do’s you will eventually realise your dream.

Goal setting is very important as this puts your dream in perspective. You have to think about what it takes to realise your dream. How much time, money and energy you need to invest in this dream as well as what a realistic timeline is.

By setting goals you will be able to actually see yourself achieving this dream as you know what it is that you have to do. You can see the to-do’s written down.

My 2019 Goals

My goals to realise my dream BE THE BEST VERSION OF ME are:

Get 25 subscribers on this blog I have set this goal so I will be more pushed to write good content and help all of you with your dreams

Be able to do 5 pull ups This goal is for my exercise as I want to challenge myself into new achievements and to show others that practice does get you results

Read 10 books
I want to keep my personal development up and I know that reading selfhelp books is one of my favorite ways to learn and grow

Buy a MacBook
A business goal to invest my money to create better content for others who I want to help

Promote to District Manager with Arbonne
This goal includes all the parts of being the Best Version of Me. Arbonne is a business that allows me to grow personally, live healthy and help others enjoy this same lifestyle. 

How to?

Now you must be thinking ‘Oh that’s great you have you goals set, but how do I set up mine?’ Not to worry, I’ve got you! Here are some tips to set up your goals, no matter what the dream is

  1. Always make goals you can measure, for example I want to go to the gym X times a week – I want to save $X a week – I want to help X people a month, this way you can actually see if you achieved your goal and keep yourself accountable
  2. Make realistic goals. Be real to yourself and about what you can and can’t do. Yes your goals should be challenging, but not to the point where you know in your heart you can’t make them happen. This will only lead to disappointment and discouragement. Create your goals in reach of your capability.
  3. Set deadlines, this way you have to do it at some point. Besides the examples as mentioned above with the goals per week, you might have one time goals like clean out my wardrobe or get promoted. These goals are great if you add a timeline to them. Otherwise you will look at them and think One day. But set a, realistic, deadline to keep yourself motivated and accountable that these goals are being ticked off.

I hope this was helpful for you to start the new year off right!
Please let me know in the comments what your dream is and what goals you have set!

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