How do I know what to do to realise my dream?

How do I know what to do to realise my dream?

Hi Dreamer,

We have spoken a lot about how to prepare for your dream. And by now the desire to make this reality is burning in you.
But what do you do now you’ve got your preparation list?
Stay with me – we will get you going

Do you have no idea what the preparation list is? Go here

There are a few steps involved in getting to the “how to” part of realising your dream. 
The first step is WHY, the second step is WHAT and the third step is HOW.
You will experience a great advantage of following these steps, as you will be able to use the outcome for motivation (Why am I doing this?) as well as to plan your actions (What do I need to do and how am I going to do it?).

We are going to start with the above 3 steps. The posts after this will go further into keeping motivation and on creating a plan.
But first, step one, WHY?

Step One: WHY?

The reason why you want to realise this dream is very important. It is the reason why you do anything in life. Your WHY determines how badly you want this, it created the want for this dream in the first place and it will keep you motivated along the way.

Step Two: WHAT?

Your WHAT represents how you describe your dream. The goal you have to succeed your why. It is very important to have a clear what.
What is it that you want?
By describing your WHAT clearly you can put it next to your why and see if it is actually what you want. Your clear WHAT will also give you more information for how. If you know what you want, you will work out how to get it. 


Few examples of the why and what together, the WHY and the DREAM (what):
DREAM: to have a flexible job
WHY: to spend more time with my family

DREAM: have my own house
WHY: I want to start living life on my own terms

DREAM: start my own business
WHY: to be financially independent

DREAM: move to Australia
WHY: to be in a place that feels like home 

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Step Three: HOW?

Once you have established your WHY and WHAT you will find that the how will naturally come to you. By getting to your WHY and WHAT you have thought about what it is you want and why. How is an easy one as is simply represents the way you get to your dream. 
Every HOW is different as it could be one single task or multiple tasks together.
Your HOW is the path that you need to follow to get to your dream. The steps you will take to get to your end goal.

When establishing your HOW it is important to take your time and not feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to do all these steps straight away. And you don’t have to have all of them ready right now. Start with the basics. Start with the first baby steps and write them down.

Your HOW is about a way, not THE way. There are more ways to get to your dream and you are going to start somewhere and work from there. 

My Experience

It took me a long time to work out the answer to this question. How do I know what to do, to realise my dream? And it is because our brain works in a funny way that when something is unfamiliar and makes us uncomfortable, our brain will self-sabotage. It will come up with reasons why you shouldn’t do something, thinking it is protecting you from harm.
However most of the time, the thing making you uncomfortable won’t harm you, but will make you grow. Therefore it is important to not always listen to your thoughts, but to your heart and your gut feeling. This in combination with hard facts will get you the answer.

Trust your gut

Your WHY and WHAT are based on the feeling in your heart and gut about what it is you want in life, the thing you really really want, not what your brain thinks you want. (Your brain might tell you it is time for kids, because that is what society is reflecting onto you, when you know in your heart and in your gut that it is not your time yet – listen carefully and you know you have the answer).

The HOW to your realisation is based on hard facts. If you want to start your own business, you need capital, register your entity, think of business name and the service or product you will offer. If you want to move you need a visa, look for a new place to live and sell your old place and book a plane ticket. Your HOW are the required actions and they are the simple tasks that represent the baby steps to your dream.

You have it all

You have the answers – all you have to do is allow your mind and body to push the answers forward without any noise or judgement from the outside world or your brain.
Write the answers down and you are ready to start planning!
Next post will continue with our plan – see you there!

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