How do you prepare for the realisation of your dream?

How do you prepare for the realisation of your dream?

Hi Dreamer,

You have been working really hard to make your dream come true and it’s happening. You are putting in the work, you are making changes and your dream is about to become reality. So how do you prepare yourself for the biggest change of your life? The answer is here

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Make a list

Write down all the things that are associated with preparation, like changing addresses because you are moving, the time your alarm goes off because you are training for a marathon or your FaceBook relationship status because you found the one (dream big). Anything that has to do with preparation needs to be written down (or typed out).
Once all the things that will change have been written down, you can start answering the question: who will be affected by this change?

By answering this question, you become aware of who will need to be prepared for this change. People might need to make arrangements for things you normally do after you’ve moved. Changing your wake up time will highly likely only affect you, but can change the fact you don’t want to meet up for dinner and drinks after work as your sleep has moved up as a priority.

Key of success

The key to a successful and maintainable change of life is preparation. If you know what to prepare for, you will be able to do the things that are required and you will succeed. And including others where needed, so only when they are actually affected by your change, will make the realisation of your dream easier. They know what to expect, you have informed them and you can stop thinking about what they are going to think and focus on you.

Please note that informing others and managing their expectations doesn’t mean that you have to convince them to agree with you. These people can still have a different opinion, but it means that you can seperate what they think from what you think. You have done you part by letting them know about your plan. It is up to them to decide if they are going to accept this or not.
You can’t manage their mind. You can only treat them fair and honest. And you did this by managing their expectations and included them into your dream.

My preparation

The list to my preparation was long. The reason for this is that the change I made basically included any change that anyone would ever make.
I moved from The Netherlands, Europe, to Australia.
This meant I had changes in my work life, my personal life, my daily routine, friends and family.
And for this reason I am convinced I can help you prepare for any change that your dreamlife includes.

My main tip: prepare for every area of change. This way you can break down what you need to do to prepare and how, as different areas might need a different approach. Telling my manager I was quitting my job was a complete different conversation then telling my parents I was moving to the other side of the world.

How to?

  1. Write down the different areas that will be affected by your change. You and your daily routine (hello 5.00am alarm) or maybe your friends and family as you are moving cities (or countries).
  2. Once you have the different areas, write down what the current situation is, for example you get up at 7.00am.
  3. After you described the now, you write down what the situation will look like after the change.
  4. You come up with a plan to deal with the situation.

In the next post I will explain to you how to work through these steps and where to start. I’ll provide you with examples on how to deal with certain situations that might cross you path.

For now, keep working on your dream, keep ticking off to-do’s. Start writing down what changes this realisation will bring and I hope to see you here next week

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