How do you start living your dream?

How do you start living your dream?

Hi Dreamer,

A lot of people have a dream. Some people dream of a holiday, others of graduating and others dream of living their dream.
I am that last one, I want to live my dream. And you must be wondering, how do you do this? The answer is right here.

How do you start living your dream?

Why is this your dream?

The very first thing you will have to do before you can start living your dream is identify it. What is it exactly that you want? What are you dreaming about?
And when you are thinking about the answer to this question, when you are writing down what it is – go deep. Go deeper than what it is you want to do – find your WHY.
Why do you want this dream? Because your why will be your motivation throughout the journey to living your dream.

What do you need to do to realise your dream?

Once you know why you are doing this, it is time for your what. What needs to be done? By setting up the to-do’s you get an overview of all the tasks that will lead you to your goal. This helps in a few ways
1. It makes your dream realistic. You know you can achieve your goal. It can and will happen, your dream can be reality, because you just wrote down what you need to do to make it happen.
2. You can give yourself some goals. You know what you need to do, which gives you a plan on when and how to do these
3. It gives you accountability. You can physically see your tasks, what you have completed and what you still have to do.

Your tasks to make your dream come true

Some examples of tasks that you might have to do are:
– research, maybe you need to explore options about your dream (there might be different ways to realise your dream, seek out the possibilities and go with what works best for you)
– organise and gather official documents that need to be translated, signed or send to certain authorities
– set up a budget, look at you income and expenses, work out the money you need for your tasks and start a saving plan

When do you want to achieve living your dream?

You know your dream and you know what to do. This means all that’s left is planning – a timeline to set up your when. When are you going to be living your dream?
Your timeline can be influenced by your resources, existing of
– your free-time, this is the time you have to finish all your tasks to make your dream happen. The more free-time you put into your tasks, the quicker your dream will become reality
– your money, this only includes money you have available (not what goes to set monthly payments). Some of your to-do’s might have a price tag and the availability of these funds will either speed up or slow down your time line
– don’t let the availability of resources determine the realisation of your dream. If you don’t have the time or money to do some of your to do’s, give yourself a period to gather these resources. Don’t stop pursuing your dream, just slow the pace to what your schedule allows.

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