How do you start realising your plan?

How do you start realising your plan?

Hi Dreamer,

After putting in some work the last few posts, we now have a plan.
You build your plan, including any obstacles and exciting events, that will get you to your dream life.

And now you must be thinking, how do I start?

Lucky for all of us, the answer is quite simple. Start doing.
Don’t just plan things out, don’t just talk about doing this one task.
Start actually putting in the work.

Dreams don’t work, unless you do

And this quote couldn’t be more true. After all the energy you have put in this plan so far, this is the simple step, however it’s not an easy step.
The step of doing is simple, as you literally follow the plan you have written up. The reason why it’s not easy is the same reason why you haven’t started on this dream before reading these blogposts, YOU.

You are still the key person in the process. You need to take the steps towards your dream and start putting in the work. And you need to be aware of your WHY. Remember we spoke about this here?
Your why is your drive, the reason you are here and working on this dream.
Whenever you feel unmotivated, have a set back or feel overwhelmed, your WHY will get you focussed again.
Here are some tips to keep on track and stay positive


  • Set realistic goals and track the progress of these goals
  • Don’t get overwhelmed if something doesn’t go to plan
  • Re-value your schedule every 1-2 weeks to see if you need to move things forward or push things back
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Stick to your plan and your time schedule
  • Take the time to work on it
  • 10 minutes is enough to send out that one email, you don’t need a free hour to be able to get work done
  • Use your time wisely
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