How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated?

Hi Dreamer,

In our last post we spoke about how to realise your dream. We came across our WHY and identified this.
Your WHY is the reason you want to realise your Dream and therefore it’s the perfect motivator. Because I hate to break it to you, following your dream comes with ups and downs…


The truth about following your dream is that it will be tough. This journey is going to have obstacles and things will go a different way to what you hoped. You work hard and spend the time, but there will always be a surprise waiting around the next corner.

How do I know this? Out of experience. The journey to my dream life wasn’t easy. I moved from Europe to Australia and faced obstacles as failing my English test that was required for my visa. Being called in by the CPA to do more exams to prove my accountancy knowledge and then the 12 month waiting period of my visa approval.
It is a process and sometimes your journey get’s difficult, but let me tell you this.
It is all worth it
Because what would you give to live your dream life? – everything
We would give everything to live the life we desire, so be ready to give your everything and not let the obstacles stop you.

You are going to succeed despite the obstacles.


The main question you must have now is – how do I stay motivated?
How do I keep wanting to succeed, even when the obstacles feel like they are getting too much.
The secret is YOUR why.
Your reason for starting this journey will be the reason you finish this journey. It will keep your fire going and get you to where you want to be.

Live your life

Besides working hard on your goal and keeping yourself motivated by remembering your why, it is also important to keep living your current live.
Enjoy where you are now, because soon you will be in a different place or phase of life.
By enjoying life now, you will be able to work for where you want to go in a positive state of mind instead of a state of lack or negativity.


  1. Help yourself remember why you started by writing it down, making it your phone wallpaper or by making it your daily mantra
    “I am doing this so I can live my dream life, which is…”
  2. Take massive action until you reach your goal. Don’t think if you should keep going, there is no doubt. This is your dream and you will keep taking steps to achieve it
  3. Enjoy life the way it is to create a positive mindset. A positive mindset will help you to see the bright side of whatever crosses your path and keep you going into the right direction

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