What do you need to change to start living your dream?

What do you need to change to start living your dream?

Hi Dreamer,

Do you feel like you have been trying to get to your dream? But for whatever reason it is not happening? You keep asking yourself why hasn’t happened yet. The answer is YOU. You are the reason why you are still in your current situation. Not to worry though – I am here to help you get out of it and start living your dream.

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The answer

The reason why you are not living your dream can be a few things. Maybe you don’t know where to start or you’ve had a setback. Maybe someone told you that you couldn’t do it and now you have second thoughts.

But read this carefully – you. You are the reason. In all of the above you have a say. You can work out where to start by asking around (ME!) – you can overcome the setbacks and you can learn to respect other people’s thoughts for what they are – THEIR thoughts which has nothing to do with you.

You are holding yourself back, because the only person that can make your dream reality is you. No matter what reason you come up with for the unsuccessful realisation of you dream – you are the answer.

It is totally up to you to make this happen and you should be SO EXCITED about this! How amazing is it that you get to decide? It’s not up to your parents, your friends or that teacher you had in high school who said you would never get there. YOU CAN. All you have to do is start.

My thoughts on change

And oh I know how you feel, don’t you worry. I have been there, where I thought it was never going to happen. Another task I got given, another fail in my exam that would bring me to Australia, I’ve experienced it all. And yes at the start it sometimes made me second guess myself. Should I do this? But guys, we know what we want and as long as we keep workig to get it, it will come to us. DON’T GIVE UP TRYING.

That was my biggest lesson throughout my emigration process. Just keep working on it, bit by bit, it will happen.

How do I do it?

What is the big change that needs to happen to start living your dream?
The change you have to make is to start believing your dream can become reality and then to start doing something each day towards your dream.

Is your dream to learn a different language? Practice a new word every day

Do you want to start your own business? Work on your business plan every day

Is your dream to move to a different country? Do something every day that will contribute to this dream.

 If you are struggling to keep yourself accountable, make up a little reward every time you do something. You can watch an episode of your favourite show on Netflix, you can take a bath, you exclude yourself from cooking and order your dinner delivered to your door.
Whatever makes you happy – attach that to your task. I promise over time you will get excited to do your tasks. AS YOU SHOULD BE! These tasks is you taking your life back, they represent the thing you want most in life. Nobody’s dream came true over night, but they came true. Keep pushing, keep working, it will pay off.

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