2020 – a brand new decade

2020 – a brand new decade

Hi Dreamer,


It’s a brand new year with new adventures – and with this a brand new decade starts. We have officially entered 2020.
I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating New Years, surrounded by friends and family.

My New Years was extra special this year. After moving to Australia in 2016, I flew home to see my friends and family this year (oh well technically last year).
It has been 3 years since I’d been to The Netherlands and I thought it was time to re-visit what I had left behind.

I had the best time and enjoyed every single minute of it. Seeing friends again and hugging family members was the best holiday gift I gave myself and them.

Being re-united with them obviously brings mixed feelings. It is so nice to be with them that it’s so bittersweet to leave them behind. The hard part is that I control that. It is me who created the situation where we have to say goodbye again for a long time.

It makes me feel sad and confused.
A big question rises – one a lot of people asked me


Do you want to come back?

Do I want to move back to The Netherlands? I think some people definitely thought that re-visiting my home country would make me homesick again. That it would bring back memories and feelings and that those would result in me changing my mind about Australia.

And this is interesting, because going back for me was never about changing my mind. It was about seeing my family and friends and for once more confirming that I made the right decision.
Yes – of course – I loved seeing everyone and I enjoyed how small The Netherlands is and how easy you can visit everyone.
Having my parents close, seeing my friends and spending time with my sister is the best thing. But outside of that, The Netherlands doesn’t feel like home anymore.


Home sick

After 3 weeks of The Netherlands I got home sick. I got home sick for Australia.
I didn’t want to leave my family and friends, if I could pack them up I would, but I did really want to go back to Australia.
That feeling that you get after being away for a while – I wanted to go home.
Australia has become my home. I fell in love with it from the moment I arrived and this keeps growing every day.
The way of living here is one that I absolutely adore. Being outside, doing things, actually LIVING is what got me the first time and that’s what is keeping me here.

It is a way of life I didn’t know in The Netherlands. And maybe that’s just my personal experience, but it was enough for me to know that The Netherlands couldn’t be my home anymore and that Australia is.


This to me was a big confirmation and for others a big relief. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision.

Australia is my home


Lots of love and all the best for 2020 – you’ll be reading more here
Are you ready for a brand new year with new adventures?

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