Don’t fall into the trap of “I CAN’T” after a set back

Don’t fall into the trap of “I CAN’T” after a set back

Hi Dreamer,

First of all – welcome to our gorgeous new website.
How do you like it?

I hope you enjoy the big variation of new services that are being offered via My Aussie Dream! Personally, I am very excited about this new step of coaching and Essential Oils. All I want is to help others live their best life and I think the website now presents this very well.
But it wasn’t an easy road and while I was getting myself ready for the launch I remembered how difficult it is sometimes to not just think ‘F THIS’

In this post I am giving you some reminders that will help you along the way of pursuing your dream to not give up, to never give up.

How do not fall into the trap of I CAN’T

We all have dreams we are working on. It can be a business, a hobby, a relationship or a family. And our plan doesn’t always come true. We have disappointments, delays, struggles and feel overwhelmed.
When these moments happen, moments of disappointment or the feeling of failure, it is very easy to give up. To just admit to yourself you can’t do it and stop working on your dream.

But I am here to tell you a secret. In the long run, giving up will be harder than pushing through.
Living your whole life wondering WHAT IF I DIDN’T GIVE UP will cause you more sadness, disappointment and regret than pushing through your set back.

What if

Asking myself What If has been my biggest motivation. It will help you stay focused and motivated to keep working on your dream – but only if you use it positively.
DON’T ask yourself “what if I follow this and then it doesn’t work out”
DO ask yourself “what if I stop pursuing my dream and will regret it forever”

No harm in trying

Remember that there is no harm in trying. You can try for as long as you want, as many times as you want. Each try is helping you grow and get closer to your dream. If you try is successful, you have gotten closer to your goal. If your try is unsuccessful, it still helps you as you now know what NOT to do.

Failure is an option – a pretty good one

You will fail. I will tell you that right now. You won’t fail in achieving your dream, because with all the above in mind, you will keep working until you succeed. But you will fail in your journey to your dream.
Failing is a pretty good option, as it teaches and tests you. Failure teaches you to fall and stand back up. It helps you understand why certain things work and other don’t. Failure tests you, it tests your deepest desire and motivation. If you really set your mind to this, if you really want to achieve this dream of yours, no amount of failure will stop you.

So stop being afraid to fail. Failure doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Failure doesn’t mean you won’t achieve your goal, it doesn’t mean you can’t, it means KEEP GOING. YOU CAN

If you need help with finding this motivation, with finding the love for yourself to feel like you deserve to pursue your wildest dreams – come join us on the 1st of July.

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